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Published on Jul 26, 2012

It was quite a day of railfanning around southeastern Wisconsin on Saturday, July 21 even though the weather (and my gear) didn't always co-operate.

Train #1: CP 199 WB manifest, 7:31 AM
CP 8828 (ES44AC)
CP 9615 (AC4400CW)

This train is usually solid intermodal/autorack, but today it had some general manifest in the mix.

Train #2: CP 182 EB intermodal, 7:32 AM
SOO 6035 (SD60)
SOO 6061 (SD60M)

I wasn't all too pleased with 199's presence messing up my first shot of this train, but at least some empty centerbeams allowed for a view of the power, and it was cool to see the Hapag-Lloyd doublestack containers passing each other.

I followed through with my original plan, waiting for 182 to do its work in Muskego Yard and getting them again at KK Bridge.

Train #3: CP 602 EB oil, 8:40 AM
UP 5018 (SD70M)
UP 7682 (C45ACCTE)

One of the oil trains that operates between Texas and North Dakota with run-through UP power. A MoW worker in a hi-rail truck passes on the other main.

Train #4: CN SB intermodal, 9:25 AM
IC 2702 (C44-9W)
CN 5719 (SD75I)

This train was meeting a northbound waiting in the siding, which had another CN-painted Dash 9 leader (not shown).

Train #5: CP 484 EB manifest, 10:09 AM
CP 8813 (ES44AC)
CP 6241 (SD60)

The former SOO 6041, overhauled and repainted/renumbered into the CP roster, trails on this short train.

Train #6: CP 606 EB ethanol, 10:24 AM
CP 8774 (ES44AC)
CP 8794 (ES44AC)

Train #7: CP 809 WB coke MTs, 10:27 AM
CEFX 1020 (AC4400CW)
CP 8543 (AC4400CW)

I was packing up the tripod after 606 cleared, and had to set it back up again in a hurry when the gates went back down! I was too late to get them blowing for the crossing.

Train #8: CN NB Track Geometry Evaluation train, 10:41 AM
CN 1501 (Budd RDC)

I've seen this car run through Duplainville a few times but never caught it on camera before due to it always sneaking up on me. It almost did so again, once more I got my tripod set up and the camera rolling at the last minute!

Train #9: UP MPRAD WB manifest, 11:21 AM
UP 4318 (SD70M)
UP 5208 (SD70M)

At Lannon Road east of Sussex, in the town of Menomonee Falls.

Train #10: CN NB manifest, 11:52 AM
CN 2682 (C44-9W)
CN 8883 (SD70M-2)

First CN train filmed in Sussex' new quiet zone. Yuck!

Train #11: UP RNXMNS-20 WB sand MTs, 12:47 PM
NS 2737 (SD70M-2)
NS 8975 (C40-9W)

Train #12: CN A446 SB manifest, 1:22 PM
CN 2615 (C44-9W)
CN 8860 (SD70M-2)

Train #13: UP MSSPR EB manifest, 2:13 PM
UP 2057 (GP60)
UP 4542 (SD70M)
LLPX 2219 (GP38-2)
UP 8178 (SD9043MAC)
UP 2406 (SD60M)

What a lashup! To get anything other than an SD9043MAC or SD70M leading a UP manifest in this area is unusual, and to have it be a patched Southern Pacific GP60 is just a bonus!

Train #14: CP 276 EB manifest, 2:38 PM
ICE 6101 "City of Charles City" (SD40-3)
DME 6368 "City of Claremont" (SD40-2)
DME 6083 "City of Rapid City" (SD40-3)
ICE 6100 "City of Postville" (SD40-3)

A solid blue and gold lashup!

Train #15: CP 281 WB manifest, 3:09 PM
CP 8723 (ES44AC)
CP 9683 (AC4400CW)
CP 8777 (ES44AC)

Train #16: CN SB manifest, 3:18 PM
CN 2250 (ES44DC)
CN 2437 (C40-8M)
CN 5427 (SD60) mid-train
CN 2312 (ES44DC) mid-train

Seeing the SD60 still in Oakway paint in the middle of the train was quite a surprise!

Train #17: CN L504 local, 3:20 PM
IC 3138 (GP40R)

While the previous train is passing, the local pulls ahead on the siding and drops its 10-car train into the setout track. Then they run light for the tie-up track at Waukesha.

Train #18: Amtrak 7 WB Empire Builder, 4:26 PM
AMTK 140 (P42DC)
AMTK 172 (P42DC)

Train #19: CN M341 NB manifest, 5:06 PM
NS 8843 (C40-9)
NS 2642 (SD70M)
BCOL 4619 (C40-8M)

Nice to see the standard cab Dash 9 leading this elephant-style lashup.

Train #20: CN Q193 NB intermodal, 5:16 PM
CN 8885 (SD70M-2)
BCOL 4601 (C40-8M)
CN 8809 (SD70M-2)

This train stopped on the siding here for a crew change. The new crew gave a rollby to M341 as it went past, then got moving.

Train #21: UP MPRSS WB manifest, 6:05 PM
UP 8218 (SD9043MAC)
UP 8220 (SD9043MAC)
UP 8191 (SD9043MAC)

This train paused on the Silver Spring Road crossing for about six minutes before finally pulling out of Butler Yard. It sounded like they were having trouble getting two of the Big Macs to load properly. Over an hour later, LPA53 finally got out of the yard with another cool lashup (five EMD units, including an SD40-2 and a patched SSW GP60), but my video camera's battery died just as it approached. I knew I was going to regret wasting power on all those CP GEVO-led trains!


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