Arati of Simandhar Swami The Current Living Tirathankara Who Is Liberating Millions




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Published on May 29, 2009

Arati of the Current Living Arihant composed by Pujya Dr. Niruben Amin, Atmagnani who introduced the Akram Vignani Dadashri to the world.

Arati Of Lord Simandhar

Jai Simandhar Swami. Prabhu Tirthankara Vartmaan
Salutations to Simandhar Swami.The Current Living Tirthankara
Mahavideh kshetre vicharataa (2).Bharat roonanu bandh Jai Simandhar Swami
Moving about at Mahavideh World (2)..with karmic connection to this worldJai Simandhar Swami

Dada Bhagwan saakshiye. pahonchaadu namaskaar Swami pahonchadoon namaskaar

With Dada Bhagwan as my witness. I am sending my salutations Swami I am sending my salutations.

Pratyaksha fada paamu hun (2), maadhyam Gnan avataar Jai Simandhar Swam
I receive the direct benefit (2)..through the medium of Dadashri, the embodiment of GnanJai Simandhar Swami
Paheli arati Swami ni, Om parameshti paamey Swami Om Parameshti paamey

The first arati of the Swami. lets one attain the state of the Om Parameshti (the ones who have gained the entry on the path to liberation)Swami Om Parameshti
Oodaasin vrutti vahey (2), kaaran moksha sevey Jai Simandhar Swami
Where there is no worldly interest (2)and their intent is mokshJai Simandhar Swam
Biji arati Swami ni ,Panch parameshti paamey Swami Pancha Parameshti paamey

The second arati of the Swami.lets one attain the state of the Pancha Parameshti ( the enlightened sadhu, teacher, principle, arihant and siddha)Swami Pancha Parameshti ...

Paramhans pada paami (2), gnan-agnan lańey Jai Simandhar Swami
They have attained the enlightened State (2) .which separates Knowledge and IgnoranceJai Simandhar Swami

Triji arati Swami ni, ganadhar pada paamey Swami ganadhar pada paamey
The third arati of the Swami.lets one attain the state of the leaders of the Vitarag Path of the Living Tirthankara
Nirashrit bandhan chhoote (2), aashrit gnaani thaye Jai Simandhar
The bondage of having no one to take care you of is broken (2).now the Gnani has become my sole support.Jai Simandhar Swami

Chauthi arati Swami ni, tirthankar bhaavi Swami tirthankara bhaavi
The fourth arati of the Swami, lets one attain the state of a future tirthankaraSwami tirthankara bhaavi
Swami satta Dada Kane (2), bharat kalyaań kare Jai Simandhar Swami
Dadashri holds the powers from the Swami (2)and the whole world benefits from the knowledge of ultimate salvation.Jai Simandhar Swami

Panchami arati Swami ni, kevada moksha lahe Swami kevada moksha lahe...
The fifth arati of the Swami, makes one attain the final liberation...only the final liberation...
Param jyoti bhagavant hoon (2), ayogi Siddhapadey Jai Simandhar Swami
I am the absolute divine Light (2), on the path to the bodiless Siddha State.

Ek samaya Swami khode jey, maathhu dhhadi namashe.. Swami maathoo dhhadi...
Whoever bows to the Lord, even for a fraction of a second.Swami bows to you...
Ananya sharanu swikaari ...(2) mukti padney varey...Jai Simandhar Swami
Accepting exclusive protection (2), attains final liberationJai Simandhar Swami

Jai Sat Chit Anand


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