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Published on Jun 28, 2011

I'm sooooo happy its SUMMER!!!!! btw i'm just adoring all the comments! LOVE them ALL! and soo so so sorry for not posting when i said i would! i had to study and stuffs so yeah. and there were graduation parties to so... yeah.


Kayley's pov: justin typed my name into the search box and showed me all of the replies and boy was he right! it looked like i had a collection of fans myself! I mean people's icons were of my face, and some usernames had MY name in it. i know it sounds cheesy and all, but I felt kinda honored and proud by that. I noticed that a lot of the tweets said stuff like "kayley's so pretty" or "im glad justin chose a nice girl like her" and "omg kayley plz plz follow me!". so i followed a couple people and replied back to a few and then logged off.

me: "this surprises me a little bit."
justin: "hmm? what do you mean?"
me: "i mean, when i started dating you, i thought that your fans would be so jealous and hate me and want to threat me or something, but they aren't."
justin: "yea trust me, I've been thinking the same thing too. i expected some sort of drama to come up, but i havent seen any about you. I guess my fans approve of you."
me: "well i guess that's a good thing."

after a while, me and justin watched a little bit of tv until my mom got home.

debbie: "hey kayley is justin up there?"
me: "yeah. why?"
debbie: "does he want to stay for dinner?"
me: "justin, you wanna stay?"
justin: "sure"
me: "he said yes mom"
debbie: "okay"

after shouting back and forth to my mom, i turned to justin and watched him watch tv, (and yes, I'm aware of that being a slight bit creepy) but he changed it to sports, so its kinda impossible to get his eyes off the screen. justin always had a really great facial structure. his nose, his lips, his chin, his eyes, his jawline....... ESPECIALLY his jawline ;). my body kinda took a mind of its own and i soon found myself tracing his jawline with my finger. i then just started to plant soft, little kisses down his jawline to his chin.
at this point, i climbed on top of him (so i was sitting/straddling on his lap) and placed a kiss on is nose, and both his cheeks.

justin: "what, no kiss on the lips?"

justin flashed his cute flirty smile at me and i felt my cheeks go pink. i brought both my hands to his face and kissed his lips. justin was already kissing me back. I let go of his face and grabbed his hands, one in each of them, and intertwined my fingers in between them. we continues to make out for the next half hour, until my mom shouted that dinner was ready. Just then Santa Claus came in through the window and raped everyone. LOL JK!
We went downstairs and sat at the table. our table is shaped like a circle, so i had my mom on my left and justin on my right. my mom made one of my favorites, baked ziti YUM! since none of us were really talking, i decided to strike up some sort of convo.

me: "so mom, how was work today?"
mom: "well today, my boss was concerned with the...."

after that i kinda zoned out. i felt someone's foot repeatedly touching mine. i looked across the table to see justin subtly looking at me with a mischevious smile on his face. playing footsie eh? well TWO can play that, right? ;)
I started to play back and this time, justin was the one to find me flashing a flirty smile. we played footsie while my mom was talking. now i dont know what i found more funny. me and justin playing footsie while eating dinner, or the fact that my mom was totally oblivious to the fact that NEITHER one of us was paying attention to a word she was saying.
at one point, justin accidently kicked me underneath the table. now being me, of course i wanted revenge. i kicked justin right back in his shin. Or so i THOUGHT i did.

debbie: "so, which one of you just kicked me?"

both of us widened our eyes in shock, but i was the one who turned red as a tomato. talk about AWKWARD!

Sorry it's so short! Next episode should be soon!


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