John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 1




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Published on Dec 13, 2016

This is 4 of 8 hours of mostly boring video that John Bedini wanted me to film and publish about me receiving the parts and assembling the big 14' monopole Ferris Wheel.
Second part of this is here:
Third part where it is presented is here:

We did the same thing with the first 10 coiler filming every part of the assembly. Yes John insisted that we film this and show it. So no one complain that it shows him in a different light than what people think of him. The camera was not hidden and everyone was perfectly aware of it and even moved it around. When John wanted to say something with the camera off he said to turn it off and I did. So this is all unedited.

This is old video I forgot to upload 6 years ago. I have a lot of video I have never published. I will add a second 4 hour part 2 of this video next and then unpublished video from my Nov 2010 Renaissance Convention that was 2 weeks later. There you will get a chance to listen to things John Said that I don't think you find elsewhere.

The idea of this Ferris Wheel came about because my manufacturer at the time was Steve Wygant from Black Point who made this wheel for making foam rockets. When I learned of it I thought we could make a big monopole with it; or maybe it was his idea. So I decided to make this for the Renaissance Convention. This was considered an important meeting as I got John Bedini to appear in a public meeting after some 26 years. Steve worked hard to get a second wheel made for us. As you can see John helped me put it together along with Energenx staff who later painted it.

What was not shown in this video is that I was able to get it rotating with one of my mini coils with about 1 watt of input. But John did not want me to show that and decided to add his center hub and very big coils. He made a mistake in making the coils too big so they were almost useless (as I said he would have to use high voltage). He took a long time trying to figure out what he wanted to do with that. When Dave Luke had machined a disk for my 30 coiler generator coils John asked him to make one for the Ferris Wheel. John also wanted me to help with that as well and also Eric N. I never really saw any benefit in the addition. It became very difficult to balance the whole thing after this was added. The circuit was hidden in a box and no matter what the explanation was given to people at the Convention people were unable to evaluate if anything significant was really happening. Yes you will see in the video that I will upload shortly that I attempt to hold onto the shaft while it is running and could not hold it. My point in all this is that there was a lot of hot air about nothing significant. More significant would have been showing how much power could have been produced with my one little coil with 1 W.

I think some people may want to see this as both John and Gary Bedini recently passed away. This not only gives people a chance to see what these two men were really like, but it gives video of Gary who few people knew anything about. What I want to do with this video is show you that John Bedini was just an ordinary guy. He was not any different than a hobbyist. He was not a super scientist. He was not genius or some hero. He was a friend that many of us wrongly made into something he really wasn't. He told his small inner circle daily what he was, which I will not repeat. And he showed me and Gary that that was indeed true. Gary said that I and someone else was responsible in changing him for the worse in this respect, so I feel the need to clear this up here. Here you can see what life was like with these guys day in and day out. I experienced 4 years of this exact kind of conversation with them (and was a frequent visitor for 3 years prior to that). My shop was right beside theirs and I constantly helped them out and put things in order. We went out for lunch every day and our families went to dinner together most Fridays. This was real life away from cameras and groupies. I want to set the record straight in these matters. You can believe what you want and say what you want, but I knew these men very well. I will not give them more credit than they deserve and will not ignore the good things they did either. You can see the kinds of things they talked about even in front of the camera. The legal troubles, the threats, the jokes, the relationships, everything. You may figure out that even though Gary was the CEO he did not know the first thing about electronics. Either did the girls building circuits. I will mention more details in later videos.

There is really not much to learn from this video other than seeing all the parts close up and how they went together. You could skip through it or watch in fast forward. The purpose for the video is in that which does not pertain at all to the wheel.


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