Sex, Social Skills, Validation? Why Keep Going After 10 Years In The Game?





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Published on Aug 8, 2012

Tyler of (http://www.rsdnation.com) reveals the deeper reasons for pushing forward after 10 years in the game.

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  1. 77

    Why Using Money Or Prostitutes To Get Girls Creates A Cycle Of Diminished Swagger And Self Respect!

  2. 78

    Gain A S#!T TON Of Life Experiences: Open RAS To Abundance Of Opportunity, TREAT Each One As SCARCE!

  3. 79

    Tyler Hits Up Anthony Robbins Date With Destiny - Talks Reasons For Self Development At A High Level

  4. 80

    Tyler Talks "Spinning The Magic" VS "Permanent Attraction" -- (Emotional Stimulation VS Polarity)

  5. 81

    Summon "Natural" Carefree Headspace On Command! Take Self Image Out Of Interactions And Have Fun!

  6. 82

    Power Of Honest Signals -- High Fidelity Communication That Is Hard To Fake! (+Infield Examples)

  7. 83

    Evolve Beyond Dumbed Down Mainstream Consciousness! Seek The Deeper Truths!

  8. 84

    Tyler Crazy Rant -- Power Of Personal Standards! Anything Less Is Pathetic!

  9. 85

    Unleash Genius - Secrets To Rapid Learning & Implementing Huge Amounts Of New Ideas (+Tyler Infield)

  10. 86

    Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Expression Without Self Consciousness (+Infield Example)

  11. 87

    Assume All Attention Is Funny And Positive! Taking Nothing Personal Communicates You're Self Assured

  12. 88

    Transcending Drama With Girls And Drama In Your Own Mind!

  13. 89

    Tyler's Street Game Revealed - ANYTHING Works! Do NOT Open Half Hearted! Own WHATEVER It Is You Do

  14. 90

    Art Of Beating Yourself Up -- Be Very Self Critical But ONLY For What's Within Your Ultimate Control

  15. 91

    Tyler And Julien's Secrets To Win / Win Wingmanship Where You Both Massively Improve

  16. 92

    Meditation -- A Beginner's Practical Guide

  17. 93

    Being Decisive In Unclear Situations Where The Right Move Could Be Hit Or Miss

  18. 94

    Tyler Goes On A Hike -- Rants On Pushing Through Pain, Earned Breaks, And Focusing On What You Want

  19. 95

    Stay Awake! Amp Up The "Macro Momentum" And Fuel Your "Adventurous Self" With New Experiences

  20. 96

    How Rising From A Prison Of Depression / Social Anxiety / Negativity Is Like Crawling From A Pit

  21. Sex, Social Skills, Validation? Why Keep Going After 10 Years In The Game?

  22. 98

    Insecurities? If You're Gonna Do This, Shut The F@#$ Up, And LET'S GET ON WITH IT!

  23. 99

    Building An Ecosystem Of Abundant Positive Emotions To Be At Ease Regardless Of Outside Influence

  24. 100

    Break Free Of Environmental Hypnosis And The Impulse To Harmonize -- Be Entitled In All Situations

  25. 101

    Advanced In The Game -- Should You Engage In Self Doubt Or Further Densify Self Certainty?

  26. 102

    Wake Up! Blow Past Socially Conditioned "Narratives" As A Crutch For Your Worldview

  27. 103

    Hammering It Out Til The Bitter F#@king End! -- Til You Leave A Piece Of Your Soul Behind!

  28. 104

    Recognizing Patterns And Learning From Every Day / Night You Go Out!

  29. 105

    Real Social Dynamics Secrets On The RIGHT Way To Build Social Momentum

  30. 106

    The Only Constant Is YOU -- Faith Whatever Experience You Are Having Is What You Need At The Time

  31. 107

    Cultivate Practical Intelligence. Surround Yourself With Challenging Viewpoints. Use Your Mind.

  32. 108

    Power Of Being Decisive -- Be Sure In Whatever You Do -- Stop Questioning Yourself Starting NOW!!

  33. 109

    Expansion And Contraction! How The Game Gives You Experiences To Become An Adult

  34. 110

    Real Social Dynamics Secrets On Whether To Relax Or Hit It Up When You Get To The Club

  35. 111

    Wake Up Call To "Hard Case" Newbies! Be Psyched About Small Wins And Build Something REAL Over Time

  36. 112

    How To Build Willpower VS Positive Emotions

  37. 113

    Being Congruent To Whatever Emotions You Feel (+Effects Of Validation Revealed)

  38. 114

    Real Social Dynamics - How To Get Back In The Game (+Infield Footage Of Tyler's First Night Back...)

  39. 115

    How To Be Happy And Fix Addiction To Bulls**t Thoughts & Emotions Without Pharmaceutical Drugs

  40. 116

    Cultivating The Natural Strengths In Your Personality (+How To Take A "Real Man's Blowout")

  41. 117

    Should You Go Out To Practice Or Get Laid?

  42. 118

    Real Social Dynamics Tyler On Self Acceptance VS Self Actualization (+Infield Examples)

  43. 119

    Tyler's Narrow Road: A Silly Game With Serious Rules

  44. 120

    Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Your Journey To Success With Girls

  45. 121

    How To Create The "Perfect Storm" In Your Game

  46. 122

    Cure To Catching Feelings & Sinking Into Scarcity

  47. 123

    Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Being Real VS Fake (+Infield Footage Examples)

  48. 124

    Real Social Dynamics Secrets Of Physical Game

  49. 125

    Being At Cause VS Effect With Women (Entitlement Series)

  50. 126

    How To Use Momentum To Fuel Entitlement

  51. 127

    Tyler's Secret: Become "Special" To Hot Girls

  52. 128

    YOU Are A Winner & There Is NO Competition

  53. 129

    Charlie Sheen Narcissism Explained (Short VS Long Term Mating Part 2)

  54. 130

    Short Term VS Long Term Mating Strategy

  55. 131

    Tyler's Most Gangster Exercise For Entitlement

  56. 132

    How To Go On A Sex Romp & Not Explode Your Life

  57. 133

    Beliefs & Skills To Pickup A Nerd Girl

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