Manny Pacquiao's Speed Scares Floyd Mayweather Jr





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Published on Aug 21, 2010

shocking truth: check it out at http://onlyinphilippines.blogspot.com...

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John Rodriguez
Mayweather's 10 New Demands in order for him to sign the contract; 1. Pacquiao's mom need to be tested for PED. 2. Freddie Roach need to only speak Filipino and Buboy Fernandez only English during the fight. 3. Manny will not be allowed to pray in the ring cause Floyd doesn't. 4. Manny will have to use 20 oz gloves, bright neon green in color. 5. Manny's shoe lace will be tied together 1 foot apart so he won't slide left and right and take angles. 6. Manny can only throw up to 2 punch combination. 7. If Manny wins the fight, he will have to pay Floyd immediate family 10 million dollars for emotional distress. 8. If Floyd gets in trouble during the fight, he can tag his uncle Roger to fight for him. 9. If Roger gets in trouble he can tag his brother Floyd Sr. to fight for him. 10. 90 percent of Pacquiao's money must be spent in USA since it came from USA!
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Hoshang Merza
looks like somebody didnt got an F on their boxing knowledge test must be cause ur a dumbass
aaron pryor
+Davos Seacreature Shut up losers Pacroid is a bum lol
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Pacquiao completely destroyed a LM in cotto...Mayweather couldn't even knock him down once ? XD haha..mayweather is boring
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i agree with you, but, foreman knocked Frazier in one round, and ali knocked foreman in 7, but took 15 rounds to win against Frazier barely   
joey bautista
+Jc Garcia bla bla bla bla LOL
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Joe Amazon
Why doesn't Mayweather just do him and everyone else a favor and fight Pac? Fight him, beat him and then he won't have to worry about everyone talking about, "Yeah, but you didn't fight Pac". He won't and the only reason why is because he's scared to. Too risky for him.
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f*ckers in school telling me
+Logic Gamer bitch stfu
f*ckers in school telling me
Nobody wants to talk anymore huh lol
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Manny Pacquiáo
Mayweather is incredible boxer and the best. Let's agree we are both great fighters who do our job in the ring. 
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Charles Rivers
+ed ian your right that Manny id fast but also Shane was as fast as Floyd and got the chance to knock him out on the second round  but I dont know what happened to him that he dindt finish him 
Will Lopez
"we"... ok lol
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Dennis Wise
I told you ... I warned you. Mayweather wins :-)
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aaron pryor
+CombatFitness If they had their way they would change the rules of boxing lol
dont make excuses at all.. clinching is part of boxing.. if ali can do it, everyone can..
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max oscar Valiente
+achozenfew lol!. when did floyd become explosive?, you making me laugh, maybe explosive in running, dancing, embracing and hiding on shoulder!, he is the no. 1 boring fighter in the universe you know, explosive?, when that happen, i watch almost all the fight of Floydie Gayweather jr. and he makes me sleep, it is more hearth pounding to watch a chess game than watching Floydie Gayweather jr. the king of duck.
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+achozenfew Based on your position you have no business bringing up race. Gayweather is a duck, always a duck. What would people say if gayweather beat Manny? They would say, "good job Mayweather". They may respect him again? Novelty idea ha?
+achozenfew Calling people racist when u talked about "sticking with your race" first haha.
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Faz Jay
What happened on the 2nd of May? I thought Manny's speed scared Floyd?????
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Faz Jay
+. NoobFromPH You are what your name says :D
The one typing this
+Donald Davis II Dude, your "analysis" of what Mayweather did doesn't really make any sense; Manny always just brawled even in his "fast times", it wasn't really the eighth wonder to someone like Mayweather, and you forget that Mayweather beat Marquez, who fought Paquiao evenly through pretty much every stage in his career, including what you're apparently considering his most badass stage for beating Margarito. Margarito's a horrible fighter, it's not hard to look cool against him; especially speed-wise, he's extremely slow, so people who don't actually know boxing would be amazed because Pacquiao "landed lots of pretty punches". Mayweather wasn't planning ANYTHING, pacfans like yourself are just trying to make ends meet now that the fight actually happened by saying that "he was no longer at his best". C'mon guys, Mayweather was also older and less offensive by the time he fought Pacquiao, and he took the match so that comments like these would stop (and for the money, obviously), so quit trashing him both directly (tivoGaming) and cynically (like yourself), please. It's not fair to the fighters.
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Robert King
Floyd's got quick reactions and he anticipates his opponents' movements very well but I would say Manny has much faster feet and hand speed than Mayweather.
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aaron pryor
Robert King..Looks like your'expert' analysis is just like you, full of shit and nonsense lol
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Ela Antonio
Mayweather is certainly afraid of Manny Mayweather might look a punching bag He will lost face to the world of boxing
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Charles Payne
+Jordan McMurray exactly
Jordan McMurray
Floyd never cheated. Get over it. If he had lost to Pacquiao I wouldn't be making excuses for him like all of you half witted fanboys do.
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Jrod truthtwothree
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aaron pryor
+Matthew Osterloh Nope one is great the other is a liar and pussy who couldn't do fuckall and lost the fight.
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