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Published on Aug 13, 2009

An intriguing morph showing Michael's changing face through the years set to a medley of his music. Mesmerizing! Check out my stuff: http://redercreative.com/Clients/Word...
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Christian Enright
All I see is: 1. A Man who aged 2. A Man with Vitiligo (No pigment=No Color=As White as can be) 3. A Man who had a cleft chin put in 4. A Man who had two nose jobs If Michael had more than what is listed above, then so be it. The man was a musical genius. Nobody can top him. If he he lied and had more surgeries, who the hell cares? Half of the girls who are commenting are Caked-Faced with make-up, in other words they're hypocrites since they alter their face with cosmetic products. It's annoying how people made such a big deal about it, leave him alone and just enjoy his music. Nobody said you had to look at him. With all that in mind, his music is freaking amazing. Lay off him, his fingernails are more talented than all of you.
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Arla Brandsma
Am I the only one who is more intrigued by that fact that you can see the sadness in his eyes growing over the years. Yes his color changed, his nose changed, his hair changed. Whats new guys? But it makes me sad to see him change from a happy kid, full of life, to a (young) man who is so damaged inside. Sad eyes.. Made the greatest music ever. THAT should be more important. He was one of the greatest. That is more relevant than the size of his nose.. Im serious. Who cares about that superficial stuff.. The size of his nose, really? Instead, just try to listen to him and his music. He had so much to tell and we could learn from it. Try to be open minded instead of immediatly throwing rocks at the guy. 
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TNF Gaming
All of you insulting michael down in the comments are all pitiful bitches 
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Ωmega Ta
3:15-3:25 Did he enlarge his eyes?
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No matter what he looked like, his music will always be remembered. Legends don't die.
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All i get from this is a man who grew older, had a few surgeries, suffered from diseases, while still changing the world.
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Nani Wattz
That Pepsi commercial accident made him get addicted to painkillers & plastic surgeries. That's what caused him to do these things. Man he really was emotionally and physically abused by his dad & some of his brothers about his nose/ looks. No one love him enough to stop him from during these things. Also the main reason why MJ got his first nose job because he fell on his face & break his nose during a dance rehearsal with his brothers in late 70s & that first job wasn't successful so that's why he got another nose job.
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A Person
everyone stop hating on his looks, I'm done with people doing that. He looked awesome from birth to death and he couldn't help being obsessed with his face since everyone made fun of him and he couldn't help having a skin disorder so leave the poor man alone and let him rest in peace since I know all of you haters wish you had the talent of Michael Jackson....
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Max Jefferson
This is fucked up. Michael was beautiful the way that god originally created him.
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Avianna Reign
his eyes never changed from a child :)
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