The Taliban in Pakistan





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Published on Aug 2, 2012

We went to Pakistan to invesitage why suicide bombings, IED use, and the Taliban are all growing at alarming rates.

In a recent trip to Pakistan to report on the recent spike in the region's violence and bloodshed, Suroosh Alvi heard over and over the same sentiment from people on the ground: America's war on terror is falling flat on its face. The military conflict in neighboring Afghanistan, repeatedly cited by locals, sends a constant flood of guns, refugees, militants, and heroin flowing into Pakistan. Heroin is now actually cheaper than hashish in cities like Lahore, and the Kalashnikov culture, the foundation of which was laid 30 years ago when the CIA financed the mujahideen, is all-consuming. According to the Pakistanis he spoke to, it's all taken a devastating toll on the country and is creating the next generation of militants.

Hosted by Suroosh Alvi | Originally released in 2010 on http://vice.com

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Darth Krayt
I think, something to consider beyond the U.S spending billions to fight the Taliban, is that other countries are politically interested in control of the Middle-East as well.  The U.S isn't the only country involved here.  Russia is playing a hand, and I have no doubt China is as well.  Its like a world-wide game of chess....  Using human lives and "smaller" wars as their pawns to hurt each other, rather than just announcing WWIII.
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Asma Shamim
Darth Krayt
xrx0R 9
Darth Krayt Pakistan funded the Taliban in Afghanistan and India, now they have to deal with it.
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Colorless Man
America invaded afganistan to stop the Taliban and rebuild the afghan goverment as of now it's good they can support themselves but they are not ready to defend themselves from the talib the drone strikes are hurting us we don't want a dictatorship we just want a republic nothing else but our government doesn't know how to battle this new type of enemy the Taliban and I fear the talib will grow out if our control with most of Syrian rebals being takin Pakistan falling to the talib and poor afganistan will follow after we just rebuilt the government there but they are not ready for what's comeing and America isn't either this war will not be a battlefield with force against force but terror attacks and lots this is far from over and I fear for our future as a whole 
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Jyothi Prasad
Colorless Man
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The Western capitalists create every problem and every evil, starting with the colonialist invasions of Africa, etc. Soon, the whole lot will go under - taking me and you with it!
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facts are facts= we gave the taliban TIME to give up al qaeda...they did NOT. thats when we went in. and we didnt just go in bombing everywhere and killing people. if the jihadists wanted to show the world we were evil...then maybe they should have filmed US doing that instead of themselves making war.
Siem de Boer
good damn i got my revelations haha ty bros
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Elias Kassis
Heres one thing the pakistani government should, they should seriously stop the arms race with India. they will never beat India. what they should do is they can have most of their military fight the taliban. THE SAFETY OF THE PAKISTANI PEOPLE COMES FIRST
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Elias Kassis we are currently doing this.
Elias Kassis - You say you are an Indian? You don't talk like one, the words out of your mouth & the nonsense about Aryans & Dravidians sounds like a typical Paki propaganda to divide my country. Do some proper history research and understand the fact these "women rights" Muslims you speak off were also the ones who've committed some of the biggest acts of crime and violence against women, men and children in my country and around the world. Kindly, do not call yourself an Indian. I'm from Punjab too, and I wouldn't consider the neighbour country to be my "Aryan Brothers".
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bilbo baggins
Two decades ago same people was praising and pleasing America for money. Now they are cursing same. Why? Because now they have got chinese. Pakistan is like a cheap whore, will do anything for money. America used them like a cheap whore and now pakistani are sucking chinese dicks. Soon china will also Rape them and abandon them fucked and mutilated. Pakistan will not survive as a country like that in long term. Soon it will disintegrate into smaller independent factions.
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Americans are dumb as fuck , they failed in afghanistan and ran from there like pussies and blamed it all on Pakistan. and Pakistan is not going anywhere , pull your head out of your ass , you american pussies are so dumb you lost vietnam , you lost iraq to isis and lost afghanistan to taliban , US army is like a mafia raiding a country for drugs or oil , you idiots made the biggest mistake by going to bed with India , India will prove to be the cheap whore you are talking about
xrx0R 9
bilbo baggins Hot.
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ali malik
Update: ever since operation zerba-e-azab conducted in the tribal areas by the military, terrorism is down from an attack every 2- 3 days to once or twice a month (stoll alot i know but alot better than before) fear in peshawar and major cities has now resided. The taliban have largely been pushed into hiding, often commiting surprise attacks but too weak to do any actual damage. I predict a bright future for pakistan in the coming years inshallah :)
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Jonathan Nieves
VICE has more connections than anyone on this planet lol
Fuckin durka durkas
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Rasmus Hagemann
+Mardas Man Maybe, most likely, actually yes.
+Mardas Man XD
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Tactical Sh0ttyN0Sc0p3s
Freaking US fucked up so bad
Sawan Arora
for pakis "you reap what you sow"
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