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Published on Aug 8, 2012

Ultimate Lorewalker Reputation GUIDE:
Thumbs Up if I saved you many hours of searching!!!
Keep your mouse over that pause button I go over these quickly!!
Try not to laugh at my typos...you get the Idea :D

When I did this Rep grind there were very few resources for me to
look up (some comments were helpful at mop.wowhead so ty to anyone that posted their knowledge there prior to this vids release)Anyway,I decided to make a video guide to help the world out..
It may not mean much to you now but when Mists releases you will thank me for
this detailed guide...There will be a "Turn in video" full of Spoilers Soon™ I didn't
want to spoil the guide. but the stories you get from turning these in will make you LOL.

Between a Saurok and a Hard Place
The Saurok-jade forest Windward isle NE side in saurok camp (Somehow this clip was left out but it is the island where you start your cloud serpent rep grind. Ty for the Catch Ultragam3r99)
Last Stand:under krasari Falls Krasarang wilds
The Deserter: Dread wastes:east side of Lake of Stars
The lost dynasty:krasarang wilds:Ruins of DOjan NW area of camp gold mogu statues
The Defiant:in the cave leading to Kunlai summit there is a large room to the east full of mobs

The Dark Heart of the Mogu
valley of emperors:kun lai inside the tomb of conquers
spirit binders: Terrace of Ten Thunders far north of jade forest southern area of mogu camp
Thunder king: VOEB-Mistfall village eastern side there is a large closed mogu door

Fish Tails
waterspeakers-new cifera VOTFW near mid
role call:inkgill mere south eastern Kun lai in the large building in center of town
watersmithing:southern Jade forest- Moonwater Retreat
Origins:Krasarang- Fallsong village just north of dawnchaser retreat in a large building

Hozen in the Mist
Hozen Maturity:krasarang southern most large island in a cave on west
Hozen speech: jade forest north east of Nooka nooka village and serenity falls in fertile copse by a big jade hozen
statue nearest the water.
Embracing the passion:VOTFW- Pang's stead North eastern village swarming with hozen
The Hozen Ravage:Kun lai-Dooker dome under the flaming eye hozen statue

The Song of Yaungo
yaungol-kun lai-Fire camp Yongqi, in the northern most hut
trapped in a strange land- townlong hatreds vice north eastern side
Yaungol Tactics-kun lai-fire camp ordo near a windmill thing
Dominance-Townlong-fire camp Osul nw side

The Seven Burdens of Shaohao
Part1-Dawns Blossom village -jade forest-in the pond
Part2-Kun lai -neverrest pinnicle - just south of the flying snowballs near loremaster cho
Part3-Jade temple just to left of instance portal
Part4:karasang-Temple of Red Crane inside 2nd floor
part5:townlong :Niuzao temple top floor
part6-kun lai just outside the main building Temple of the white tiger
part7; kun lai noth of shado pan monestary in pigota
part8: across the small pond in front of mogu shan palace Voeb

Heart of the Mantid Swarm
cycle of the mantid-a bit west of
mantid society-dread waste- west of star lake and a bit north of the loop in the road on the map
amber-dread wastes-east of sunset brewgarden inside the vault of amber
the empress-Dread wastes-north of the heart of fear enterance on the map it looks like you are inside the big tree

Ballad of Liu Lang
Wait for the turtle-eastern coast dread waste
wondering widow-stormstout brewery near the buildings a bit north of enterance
The birthplace of liu lan-VOTFW-Stoneplow village eastern most building on the side
a most famous bill of sale-VOTFW-halfhill northern most building outside the door

Legend of the Brewfathers
quan tou kuo the two fisted-Zhu province statue at the top of a high mountain to east of zhu's watch
xin wo yin the broken hearted-outh of Tian monestary Jade forest high on a flat mountain
ren yun the blind-Top of neverrest highes peak kun lai

What's worth fighting for
Pandaren fighting tactics _ Votfw- Paoquan hollow northern area by the hut
always remember-voeb-tu shen burial ground under the D
the first monks-jade forest -thunder paw refuge-south west of tian monestary
together, we are strong-VOEB-guo-lai halls northern edge
victory in kun-lai-Just a bit south of Mogu shan Vault raid enterance on a lower terrace


http://www.tgn.tv/way (learn more about WAY)

Awesome Music by :
MoleMan:Rush- check him out at http://www.youtube.com/user/moleman183
Klaypex:Hey Hey- http://www.facebook.com/Klaypex


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