I Will be There for You (Jemi) Episode 87 MM: 3/5





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Published on Feb 6, 2011

Episode 87

They were soon finished cooking and they both had a big pile of eggs with toast on their plates. Demi put Gracie on her lap taking her seat. Selena got up giving Joe her seat. Selena stood on the other side of the island.

Selena: How did you guys sleep last night?

Demi: Great. I have missed my bed so much.

Selena: This morning I was supposed to wake you guys up and you were all cuddled together so I took a picture and it came out so adorable.

Demi: Cute can you give us a copy of it?

Selena: Yeah I will get you a copy of the picture. So Joe, how was your sleep?

Joe: It was great as well. Her bed is very comfy.

Selena: Yeah that's cause she got to pick hers out when she got her room done.

Demi swallowed her bite of egg so she could talk. She looked to Joe.

Demi: She was mad that she didn't get to pick hers out.

Demi looked back to her food to finish eating. She was almost done and Joe was almost done too. They continued talking with Selena.

Joe and Demi both finished eating cleaning their dishes up.

Demi: Gracie let's go get you dressed.

Gracie stood up on the chair grabbing on to Demi. Demi took her upstairs and she grabbed her bag searching for a good outfit for Gracie to wear.

Demi: This will be adorable. -Gracie stood in front of Demi. After getting undressed; Gracie put her leg out and Demi slipped on black leggings that had pink polka dots. Then put a cute jean skirt over that. Then she pulled the pink shirt with black polka dots that matched the leggings. Demi clipped a little black ribbon in Gracie's hair, and smiled at her.- Your the cutest little babygirl a mommy could have. -Demi pulled Gracie to her lap giving her kisses. - I love you. Now you go downstairs with grandma and aunt Selly mommy is going to get in the shower.

Gracie: Ok!! -Gracie went downstairs and to her grandma.- Can I watch TV? Mommy is in the shower.

DM: Of course sweetie. What do you want to watch?

Gracie: Dora!!

Gracie sat herself on the couch and Demi's mom turned Dora on. She set the channel changer down and walked out. Soon there was a knock on the door. Gracie jumped off the couch and yelled.


Demi's mom walked in.

DM: No sweetie let me get it.

Gracie walked to the door so she could see who was there. It was Demi's other grandma Barb. Demi's mom pulled her into a hug.

DM: Hey mom! How are you?

Barb: Vey well. Where is Demi she needs to get the rest of the stuff out of my trunk. (Grandma doesn't know either)

DM: Well she can't do that but I will get Selena to do it for you.

Barb: Yep Selena is fine just somebody. Barry will be coming in a minute. And please don't tell me that Demi busted her butt. What does she have a broken leg?

Demi's mom laughed. And shook her head.

DM: No far from a broken leg. You will see when she gets down. She isn't ready yet, but you are super early.

Right after she said that Gracie tapped her leg.

Gracie: Grandma who is that?

Barb: Isn't she a cutie. And I should say the same thing, who is that?

DM: Well mom you know how Demi's been in Florida. Well this is Gracie, Demi's daughter.

Barb: Seriously? Why didn't you ever tell me?

DM: It's a long story but it doesn't matter. This is Demi's daughter.

Barb: Ok then.


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