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Published on Feb 22, 2014

Part 1 goes over the origin of rock music.

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The following was recently added to our article on this topic, from Tim Lambesis, a supposedly "Christian" singer for the "Christian" rock band, As I Lay Dying:
"The first time I cheated on my wife, my interpretation of morality was now convenient for me... I thought of myself as super-scholarly at the time. 'My academic pursuit has led me to this.' I was sincere to a certain degree, but we all hear what we want to hear to justify our actions. I interpreted the evidence how I wanted and felt it was intellectually dishonest to consider myself a Christian. I felt at best I could consider myself agnostic, and at least I would consider myself an atheist."
-Ryan J. Downy, "Tim Lambesis World Exclusive Interview: The As I Lay Daying Singer Breaks His Year-Long Silence," May 16, 2014, retrieved Aug 4, 2014 [www.altpress.com];

No only does Lambesis admit to being an atheist, fooling church-goers to make a living, but also that most of the people he met in the "Christian" rock scene, were NOT Christians at all:

"There are bands out there right now, playing Christian festivals, cashing the Christian checks, selling CDs in the Christian stores, who are not Christians. Maybe one or two guys are, but most of them aren’t... I know of one band who says, 'Well, we don’t want to let our fans down, because we love them so much.' We toured with more “Christian bands” who actually aren’t Christians than bands that are. In 12 years of touring with As I Lay Dying, I would say maybe one in 10 Christian bands we toured with were actually Christian bands... We talked about whether to keep taking money from the “Christian market.” We had this bizarrely “noble” thing, like, 'Well, we’re not passing along any bad ideas. We’re just singing about real life stuff. Those kids need to hear about real life, because they live in a bubble.'"
-Ryan J. Downy, "Tim Lambesis World Exclusive Interview: The As I Lay Daying Singer Breaks His Year-Long Silence," May 16, 2014, retrieved Aug 4, 2014 [www.altpress.com]

While all these church-going teeny-boppers run around listening to their purchased As I Lay Dying CDs, Lambesis was prosecuted and convicted of attempted murder of his wife!

"As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has been sentenced to six years in prison for his role in a murder-for-hire plot to kill his wife. In February, the singer pleaded guilty to soliciting an undercover cop to murder Meggan Lambesis, whom he had married eight years prior and adopted three children with; at the time, he faced up to nine years in prison."
-Kory Grow, "Tim Lambesis Sentenced to Six Years in Jail for Murder-for-Hire Plot," Rolling Stone, May 16, 2014, retrieved Aug 4, 2014, [www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tim-lambesis-sentenced-to-six-years-in-jail-for-murder-for-hire-plot-20140516]

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