What We Saw at the Lemonade & Raw Milk Freedom Day





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Published on Aug 18, 2012

As government crackdowns on raw milk-selling co-ops and children's lemonade stands keep making headlines, political and health food activists are raising awareness through Lemonade Freedom Day.

On August 18, Reason TV went to the National Mall to check out the unlicensed celebration and the trade of illicit raw milk. Some of those in attendance included CopBlock.org's Pete Eyre, and Meg McLain who was arrested at last year's Lemonade Freedom Day.

About 3.49 minutes

Produced by Joshua Swain, interviews by Lucy Steigerwald

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Comments • 235

Personally, I prefer pasteurized milk. I like it best from small local farms it is much more creamy but it is very expensive. There is only one mass produced milk in my area that I can drink without getting sick. I found out from a nephew that worked at one of these larger places that they do indeed add liquids to the milk and the average workers there have no idea what they are. I know others that drink raw milk and love the taste.
I just don't see the logic in NOT pasteurizing milk. First of all pasteurization is not some kind of wacky chemical laden process it's just a process that quickly heats the milk in order to destroy any harmful bacteria. You lose a minute amounts of nutrients. While of course drinking raw milk is not going to cause you harm every time it's an increased, unnecessary risk that I see as foolish. I would not say that "Bacteria is the devil" but it's foolish to think that bacteria can not cause harm.
The Flippity Flop
My grandparents, and all my ancestors have been drinking milk with no problem. We only begun pasteurising milk because people had the mindset that "bacteria is the devil!" 99.99% of people who drink raw milk don't die. And those who get sick are obviously doing something wrong. 
Jordan Holmes
never said they did. 
Natesh Mayuranathan
"do not occur without help or intervention" That doesn't make them unnatural. The same can be said about beaver dams.
I'm sorry but drinking raw milk is not the best idea.. Leave it to a bunch of (no offence) uneducated hippies to tote that "Hey man the corporations man.. they like pasteurize stuff to make us slaves to the system man... it's corporate greed man..." Unpasteurized milk can harbor a plethora of dangerous bacteria hence the reason it's processed. This kind of mentality (much akin to the people who wont vaccinate their children) is dangerous and misguided. 
the monopolies maaan the corporaaaations maaaan, it's the government maaaaan
Fucking hippies.
You corporate thugs, you can not just sell anything you want. You're all promoting lawless corporate behaviour
Jordan Holmes
Humans are a part of nature. The things we build and the philosophies we conceive can include nature, but do not occur without help or intervention. Therefore, no. The cars, concrete jungles, roads, GMO's, and -in the case of raw milk- pasteurization process are not natural and don't exist randomly or "naturally." 
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