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Published on Sep 8, 2012

"There's a direct relationship between how much money the Golden State spends on prisons and how much it spends on higher education, according to a report put out by the non-partisan public policy group California Common Sense. When one goes up, the other goes down. And, at least in California, the former has been going up a lot more than the latter. The study, entitled Winners and Losers: Corrections and Higher Education in California, looked at the state's general fund expenditures on corrections and higher education from the period between 1981 and 2011. Since 1980, higher education spending has decreased by 13 percent in inflation adjusted dollars, whereas spending on California's prisons and associated correctional programs has skyrocketed by 436 percent...".* Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (host of TYT University and Common Room) break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from Aaron Sankin in The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09...

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Comments • 1,017

Kevin Hosford
So they spend more on prisons, which turn people into hardened, bitter hateful criminals. And less on colleges which turn people into educated, productive(not that non college grads aren't) members of society. I can't believe this.
Joan Evans
Come on people. A lot of very rich investors have put a lot of money into privatized prisons. If they sit there empty, they won't get a return on their investment. So you make nearly everything illegal, and you bribe a few judges to ensure they fill BOTH the adult and kiddies prisons. And you pass laws to enure people who have been sent to prison loss their right to vote FOREVER, so when they get out they can't doing anything about it. Wait a few decades and you have the perfect environment for economic growth. A population that's afraid of it's own shadow, that can't vote, and is probably working in a prison for food making crap for the foreign market. Provided the foreign markets haven't gone the way you did ....
+Joan Evans couldn't have said it better my self..
charlie wired
+Joan Evans thats business,,, cheers charliewired
The Golden Gulag
javier cruz
I believe the State spends more money on the prison system because Prisoners make them more money. If they were too spend money on education they would also be losing money creating jobs. Less education = more prisoners = more money. 
Anthony Morales
I'm conservative but I agree with TYT on this one.
Helen Cox
California schools suck
Dan Bauer
It's like Russell Brand said... drug addiction is a health issue, not a political issue. Also, Scott Hall said that he wouldn't speak out against drugs and alcohol. They're fun. The problem is when you want to quit and you can't.
Jesse Watkins
In keep hearing pot is a gateway drug, the only chance in hell that that could be true is because you have to go to a drug dealer to buy it, i really don't think that if you buy pot at a pharmacy and there shipment is late that they are going to offer you coke, pills, heroin or a tattoo with a dirty needle! I do know what i'm talking about, I grew-up around it and it ruiend all SEVEN of my siblings lives! So if you don't know then keep your mouth shut!!!
Jesse Watkins
If you have ever béen to jail they don't offer réhabilitation, just and hour outside your cell and a degree in crime.When 70% come back ask yourself what good is prison doing for non violent crime? Don't get me wrong some people belong there but when more kids are in jail than school something is f'd-up corrupt.Lets put some of these polititions and corrupt cops who think they are Gods in jail!
Jesse Watkins
Hère is some common since, the less educated you are the more likely you'll end up working in prison.Going to jail for none violent crimes like pot is a money grab by our corrupt government that should be illigal!!!
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