The Shia do Not believe that the Quran is corrupted





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Published on Jul 10, 2010

(Description update)

Assalamu aleykom,
It's been a while since the last time I posted a video...
Hence the "coming soon' one is not finished yet, here is another work which, I hope, will be useful.

Quran : 15.9. We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).

This is the verse the Shia Scholars and their followers from among the sheep herd reject.

10 minutes aren't enough for such an issue. But this will help to have a first idea on what's going on in their books.

In the same website, on the same page, the same list of books; they (the shia) provide books that refute the corruption of the Quran and exegesis that confirm its corruption!

Here is the shiite website :

And another to confirm what the first shows:

And not minor and unknown tafaseer... but the "big" ones made by "big names " like al-Qumi, al-Kufi, al-Tabrasi, Ayatollaat al-Khoe'i

The hadiths (lies) about the corruption of the Quarn are countless, and this is the proof that the Rawafidh are the enemies of Allah and His Messenger and Ahlulbait :

They falsely attribute those kufric lies to Ahlulbait (rAa) who are absolutely innocent !

La'ana Allah the shia parasites !

THE POINT of this video is :

- Showing the existence of the belief in the corruption of the Quran from the behalf of the greatest shia scholars of nowadays and from the past.

- The acceptance of this blasphemy from the Shia clergy and the refusal to state that it is "kufr akbar" (great blasphemy : accusing Allah SwT of being incapable or a liar ! Astaghfirullah).

This is why, all of them shia scholars, "Hujaj" (Arguments of al-Laat), "Maraji" (Reference Scholars) and "Ayats" (Miracles of al-Laat = Ayatollaat) are APOSTATES.

Some of them only call it (pretending that the Quran is corrupted) "being weak minded" or even "ijtihad" (intellectual effort) as "Taqqiyah". But this is useless, explicite kufr is explixite kufr and there is no intellectual effort concerning the fact that the Quran is corrupted or not, there is no debate: IT IS NOT.

Unfortunately, many Shia who had the hatred of Ahlu-Sunnah sown in their hearts since childhood, will accept that the Quran is corrupted or may be corrupted or that it is allowed to believe it and being a muslim at the same time, because their scholars said so, they trust their scholars and rejected Allah.
La'anahum Allah all of them Kaffirs.

This is the case of the YouTube user "shiathussein". In the beginning, he denied the corruption of the Quran and that his scholars believed in it, then when he knew what his scholars said, he challenged me to prove that it is not allowed in Islam to believe so... he's completely lost and those alike him.
May Allah guide them or...

We also know the motivations of the Satanic Shiite Clergy :

1) MONEY (Khums = 20% of people's wealth every year)

2) POWER, they now rule 2 countries; Iran and Iraq thanks to Wilauatul Faqeeh = The leadership of the Scholar :
In the shia religion, someone cannot live without an infallible Imam as leader, so they have their 12 imams, when one dies, the next takes his place... The problem is that there are only 12 ! And these appointed imams are just men, who live an average of 60 years, and it got worser when the 11th Imam in the 10th century, had no son (they deny it of course) ! So, what they did is that they invented the 12th Super Mighty Mahdi son of the 11th, who, at the age of 4, ran away (The Occultation = Al Ghaybah) from the Evil Abbassi Sunnites in a his famous Cave in Samurra, Iraq (as-Sirdab al-Muqaddas = The Holly Tunnel) and he is still living til now and will be living by the last hour (at least 1000 years old !) This is how they fabricated an exit from the trap of the 12 imams, an immortal infallible man-god who will come out to bring the true Quran!
But the liar deceives himself only.

Shareek ibn Abdellah al-Qadhi, who was a "Moderate Shiite" (prefering Ali to Uthman, and nothing else, as muslims, he loved Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and the Sahabah and he practiced Sunni Islam) once said :
" I take the hadith from everybody, EXCEPT THE RAWAFIDH (extremist Shia, the majority of nowadays Shia), they invent the hadith, and take is as a religion"

Concerning the 12th Imam Mahdi, see :


[ If I am wrong, please correct me Ya Rawafidh ]

3) MUTAA : any women (no limit of 4), at any time, even if they are married...

PS : The density of information is sometimes high, so you are allowed to pause!

And yeah, using my "voice" is far more easier !

Tell me if you don't understand what I say !

"And Peace be upon the Messengers, And Praise to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Worlds."
(Quran 37.181-182)

Wa Salam.

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