Elizabeth cries over Whopi's different View of the World





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Published on Jul 18, 2008

Why does the N word still hold power when used by a WHITE as opposed to a black?
Call me a beaner, I will laugh, and say damn right, a greaser, a wop, bring it on!!
The insistance to hold separate oneself, as Whopi does here, and the world of existance is alienating, and has caused me to drop friends. Like I as a girl never experienced unkindness, and scorn, next to my very native american looking mother, which we had talked about. There were places later in life in the south we could not stop we were too brown.
As I've gotten older I have also seen my very blonde friend experience discrimnations on multiple occasions as well.
I don't think black people understand how selfish they appear to the world. How one sided and victimized they view their experience. It is time for maturity, and growth. We are all discriminated against, it is how WE react and compose ourselves. Only then will justice and dignity be given to oneself. Enough is enough. Saying your experience is separate from mine is just untrue. I do not trust another one of my 'race' just because, he/she understands, that would be idiotic. Maybe this would be the first freedom for black people to understand that not all experience with black skin is the same.
It is funny Whoppi, my Grandmother, 82 now, in the place of her birth, was also prevented from voting, by the Republicans.
Strange that the Democrats are using these 'tricks' to get justice for your family injustice, at our nations expense? Different worlds or the same?

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Elizabeth is an idealistic little madam who goes through life wearing rose tinted glasses.
Kj Hammerman
I'm 51 yrs old. i was never a slave. but i am the only black person who drives for my company. i've been there for over 14 yrs. i still have to hear the same bullshit. how did you get this job. i still get followed by the cops. i drive a 2013 mercedes benz live in a nice community and still get followed. so when a white person says blacks are living in the past. maybe that's because we still get treated like we are in the past.
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Udderly Smooth
+Kj Hammerman AMEN. Some white people are still in denial. They believe we have entered a racial utopia.
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Helena Jones
Usually minorities take a word that is hurtful and try to take the sting out of it by making it something positive. For ex: women sometimes call each other bitch but they won't mean it in a negative way. For Black Americans Nigga is like saying my friend, you know "My nigga". Maybe people believe that whites cannot say the word because they are not minorities and it is officially a phrase coined by minorities for minorities. Just a thought. I don't understand why white people wanna be called nigga anyway lol
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+Helena Jones And why do things always have to be positive? Like I said, there are no bad words; only bad intentions. So if a person's intentions are negative, then he or she will use words that have a negative meaning. But that doesn't make it the words' fault. I mean, if my intention towards someone else was hostile enough, I could make them very aware of that fact, simply by saying "Good morning" with the right tone. You know, words can only hurt you if you let them. But bad intentions can end your life.
Helena Jones
No pretty sure nigger and the swastika are things that should never be said, unless referring to a time in history when it was prevalent. There is nothing positive about those words what so ever.
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Andrew Benatar
How that cunt Hasselbeck managed to turn herself into a victim, even though they we're discussing discrimination in society is just baffling. But then again that's television. Full of ignorance and melodramatic sentimentality.
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Dark-Tide's Life
+Andres Benatar No. Cunt is a derogatory word AIMED at women. Using that word is derogatory TOWARDS women. Being sexist would mean I fire you based upon your gender. Or I DISCRIMINATE based on your gender. Saying something is derogatory towards a certain gender or race is not being discriminatory.  
Andrew Benatar
If your trying to direct towards women in particular. Doesn't that make you kind of a sexist. Not accusing. I'm just sayin..
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Elizabeth: Let me start crying so everyone can feel bad for me!
0:56 "This is upsetting to me [because I've just realised I can't think of a counter argument]."
Jerry Ly
Whoopi lives in the same world as Liz, but she has a different mentality.
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BooBooKitty Fuct
+Jerry Ly AMERICA needs to define Whoopi as a human and not a black woman. Sit back and post all you want about this and that, when we black people are out in the streets trying to be productive members of society and get ourselves taken seriously and not seen as threats or pariahs we know the truth because we are living it. Every other race (except Latinos) get to be seen as individual people.The world defines us by our ethnicity, when one black person does something heinous it reflects on the entire race.So how are we suppose to look beyond our color when we are CONSTANTLY reminded? I am sure people of the Muslim faith can relate as well, maybe even the Jewish faith...
Umm...Whoopi has a different experience. Look how everyone feels bad for Elizabeth when she starts to cry but if Whoopi were to do that she wouldn't be seen as a delicate flower with feelings. Small example.
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Mooky mook
Stupid little cunt started crying because she was put in her place by a strong, older black woman.  I criticize blacks just as much as anyone else, and I hate when liberals and feminists use the word "privilege", but when Whoopi says they live in different worlds there is real truth to that.  That shit can be true due to all kinds of things like our jobs, our personalities, our friends, and most definitely our skin color. Again, its not a good reason for people to whine about all the injustices in the world but yeah life is not fair and yeah we live in "different worlds".
lol I love this video. Whoppi playing the black victim with her 45 mil net worth and multiple mansions. You sure do live in a different world... 
michael kelly
Dumb blond bitch.
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