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Published on Mar 2, 2012

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What would you say to an alien? Bill Nye, aka, 'The Science Guy,' who heads The Planetary Society, an organization that fosters ways for the public to be actively involved in space exploration, including the search for extraterrestrial life.

Be sure to check out to see Bill Nye answering questions submitted by Facebook users for the "Consider the Following" series.

Bill Nye: Well, that's just like, just like StarTrek.  Everybody speaks English very well.  Sometimes they have accents, but . . . We think we know how we came to be here on our world.  We've studied this.  How did you come to be?  What are you doing here?  We've worked for millennia - or many, many orbits of the sun - to reach this level.  We believe that we came to be about a hundred thousand orbits ago and that life itself started on our world about three billion orbits ago.  When did life start on your world?And let me say, that's a nice hat.  And then he or she would say, "It's my helmet, it's my space helmet, because your atmosphere is just—it's no good for me."  And so on . . .  I'd want to know where they came from.  I'd want to know why they wanted—what were they doing asking me what I was doing?  It would be great to know, though, we're not alone.  That would be a heck of a thing.  It would change the world. Directed / Produced byJonathan Fowler & Elizabeth Rodd

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Just Another
Bill Nye, this guy is my hero.  As a kid I thought he was awesome, still do today.
Knight Commander CYP
+Just Another I think Bill Nye is a Jerk when it comes to religion but I think he is pretty knowledgeable in other departments.  :/ I am Christian but I don't deny science...
Hastur The Unspeakable
"When are the Reapers coming?"
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Tyee Lordus
"We'll bang, ok"
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if aliens are smart enough to understand human language, we are fucked. we have to be smarter than them or there will be no peace at all. one specie will dominate the other eventually. we might be the next monkey in a zoo somewhere if we are inferior to other species. it's almost 100% guaranteed. harmony between two different species can never exist. we either dominate or be dominated because there will always be conflicts of interest. why do we keep other animals in zoos or keep them as pets? why do we not let them run wild? that's because human interests are always our top priority. the rest animals can suffer while we take advantage of their suffering and rule the Earth. there's no way that we can ever be peaceful with aliens since we can't even be peaceful amongst ourselves. but the worst scenario would be that aliens find us first before we find them. it would mean that they are scientifically and intellectually superior to us. i'm sorry to say this to star trek fans, but meeting aliens would be the worst nightmare for mankind.
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You seem very proud of your unqualified statement. 
Henrik M
Aliens probably already knows who we are and where we are :)
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i bet 1 dollar that bill nye is an alien.
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Micah Schoepfer
+Aaron Solomon $140.
Seno 20
It's now around $40 USD
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Nika Zardiashvili
If I met an aline, I would compliment his bow-tie...
Petr Maly
Because bow-ties are cool. However, Stetson is better.
With our luck aliens will land a /b/tard or ISIS member will be the first to make contact
+AlexLeFreak "Hello, we come in pea- "TL;DR show me nudes of your alien ladyboys. It's not gay just show me.."
+BlueTeamPlayer "Hello, we come in peace."... "ALLAHU ACKBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!! RUOHVLVORH" BOOOM
It is hilarious watching a grown man tell a fairy story to his imaginary friend about how he thinks he knows how we got here. I have a lack of belief in aliens but I respect the rights of others to hold whichever beliefs they have, no matter how ridiculous they are.
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"I have a lack of belief in aliens" This is not a matter of belief, but of likelihood. I've put a t-shirt in my closet yesterday. I now assume that it's still there. This is not a belief, it's an assumption from probability. " I donate money to Ken Ham’s Creation Museum and to Creation Ministries International Australia" "I give money to complete strangers on the streets who ask me for it" You'll have to give a lot of money to these strangers to make up for the money you spent on attacking our society: Attacking therefore also our social system and technological progress that might help those poor people on the streets. What you're doing here is akin to a person who gives money to Africa, but also supports protectionism against African goods.
Johan sigurdson
+ozredneck22 He is prolly referring to the microscopic life on that rock not the rock itself... you do know what bacteria and stuff is right? Or do you not believe in all that either?
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Zak Hird
I vote Bill to be the first to talk to any Aliens... At least before the Christians try to force the bible on them...
max larsen
+Zhan Ryushin they'd probably humor the christians by saying they proved god and stuff, and then immediately bust in to a fit of laughter, rolling on the floor crying when they left.
Either there is other life out there  OR We are alone in this universe Both are equally terrifying
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+Samophlan Amazing is the right word. xD would be awesome to have a roadtrip or should i say spacetrip with like 10 races haha reminds me of WOW :D
How is #1 terrifying?! #2 is not terrifying to me, but I can see where you're coming from there.
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