Read/Write Reality, An intensive workshop on Ubiquitous Publishing





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Uploaded on Sep 1, 2011

RWR - Making of.
3+1 days workshop to discover Ubiquitous Publishing
13 - 14 - 15 + 16 September 2011, Cava de' Tirreni (Italy)


READ/WRITE REALITY (RWR) is an intensive and visionary workshop created by FakePress Publishing and Art is Open Source in collaboration with Centro Studi Etnografia Digitale to pragmatically explore the methodological, technical and technological possibilities offered by Ubiquitous Publishing, to identify new businesses, new forms of expression, new opportunities for culture and knowledge, new tools for freedoms.

A 3+1 days hands-on and minds-on program in which we will follow you through the creation of a full ubiquitous publishing project, starting from scratch and ending up at product release. Participants will learn the methodologies, the conceptual and technological frameworks which will enable individuals, organizations, companies or collectives to use ubiquitous technologies to enact new forms of communication and expression, new business models, new ways in which you can activate your strategies and observe their effects. Out of the monitor, in the spaces of our cities, bodies, objects and products.

RWR is useful for:

- designers wishing to know, understand and use Ubiquitous Publishing technologies;
- communicators who want to understand and learn how to bring digital information out of the monitor, into the city, in people's pockets, on objects and in the places we traverse in our daily lives;
- developers, who want to learn how to build engaging ubiquitous interactive experiences;
- artists, journalists, scientists and researchers wishing to add ubiquitous technologies to their toolset for expression, information, knowledge, education and research practices;
- and strategists with the desire to gain knowledge and insights to confront with the next step of digital communication.

RWR will be held on September 13-14-15+16 in Cava de' Tirreni, at the Ostello "Borgo Scacciaventi", a beautiful setting in a 15th century building near to the famous Amalfi coast.

The workshop will fill 3+1 days of intense activity, visionary discussions, engaging hands-on practices, on-the-field explorations and content-production, great food, wine and scenery, in contact with the rooted traditions of the beautiful South of Italy.

More info at:


  1. 31

    VersuS: the real-time life of digital Turin

  2. 32

    Accelerator, proposal for COLLIDE@CERN

  3. 33

    A digital day in the life of Rome

  4. 34

    Roma Riots

  5. 35

    Berlin Wants to Be Here

  6. 36

    Open Source Cure

  7. 37

    My Open Source Cure

  8. 38

    InsegnaTrieste -- Trieste Social Network activity

  9. 39

    this.astro at the MACRO Museum in Rome

  10. 40

    Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free

  11. 41

    Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free

  12. 42

    ENLARGE you consciousness, in 4 DAYS 4 FREE

  13. 43

    Ubiquitous Pompei on RAI News 24

  14. 44

    UBIQUITOUS POMPEI. La Città Digitale creata dagli Studenti

  15. 45

    Ubiquitous Publishing in less that 15 minutes at AAlto University

  16. 46

    VersuS: love vs turin, visualizing the realtime lives of cities

  17. 47

    VersuS - Rome, October 15th, the riots on social networks

  18. 48

    RWR - End of the world

  19. 49

    RWR - End of the world

  20. 50

    Leaf++ an augmented reality concert for leaves (making of)

  21. Read/Write Reality, An intensive workshop on Ubiquitous Publishing

  22. 52

    Read/Write Reality, An intensive workshop on Ubiquitous Publishing

  23. 53

    Leaf++, augmented reality for leaves

  24. 54

    Viroso, an architectural virus, ecology, sustainability

  25. 55

    Viroso, an architectural virus, ecology, sustainability

  26. 56


  27. 57

    the Electronic Man at ADD Festival

  28. 58

    the Electronic Man at ADD Festival, MACRO Testaccio, Rome contemporary art museum

  29. 59

    The Electronic Man

  30. 60

    sega noise'n glitches at LPM

  31. 61

    Nuclear Anxiety at the Live Performers Meeting

  32. 62

    Orson Welles - rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize

  33. 63

    William Burroughs - rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize

  34. 64

    Angel_F DFIR Internet Governance Forum Roma 27 Sept 2007

  35. 65

    Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi at (re)Actor3 in Liverpool

  36. 66

    Angel_F a Più Libri Più Liberi a Roma

  37. 67

    REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory presentation @ ESA Conference 2010

  38. 68

    Ubiquitous Anthropology presentation @ ESA Conference 2010 2/2

  39. 69

    Ubiquitous Anthropology presentation @ ESA Conference 2010 1/2

  40. 70

    Squatting Supermarkets presentation @ ESA Conference 2010

  41. 71

    FakePress presentation @ ESA Conference 2010

  42. 72

    Massimo Canevacci: F for Fake

  43. 73

    Cities telling stories: Atlas, ConnectiCity, reality and a nice event

  44. 74

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  45. 75

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  46. 76

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  47. 77

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  48. 78

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  49. 79

    L'atlante di Roma

  50. 80

    Atlante di Roma alla Pelanda

  51. 81

    Angel_F @ NodeFest

  52. 82

    Angel_F, diario di una giovane intelligenza artificiale

  53. 83

    Squatting Supermarkets, Augmented reality for liberated spaces [ FakePress, Art is Open Source

  54. 84

    xDxD reads Creative Code by John Maeda while penelope prepares baked potatoes

  55. 85

    Squatting Supermarkets, una gita in realtà aumentata ad Eataly, Torino

  56. 86

    AHAcktitude 09 Giacomo Verde talks about mobile aesthetics and a little history

  57. 87

    AHAcktitude 09 Massimo Cittadini speaks about the Physical Computing Lab

  58. 88

    Angel_F @ AHAcktitude

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