The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi





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Published on Feb 13, 2012

The truth is here! FULL LENGTH

Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the illuminati and the reason why he was killed is here!

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Michael Chambers
Oww, I deployed to Afghanistan as an Australian soldier and even though our involvement isn't a direct combat role but more an aid and security role I feel Guilty for being a puppet. Forgive me, my intentions meant well. 
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rkellygirl 18
you did not know what was going on.so please dont feel bad.we all was fooled.glad you was there to help them
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It seems that in fact Muammar Gaddafi was a real man, a true man.
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Anbjørg Allum
Where did you get that info from, some links ???
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Ladies and gentlemen, i urge you all.... Learn farming, invest in off grid solar,become self sufficient.. For when the last river is dry, for when the last tree is cut and for when the last animal has been killed we will realise we cannot eat gold or money. 
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Lowie Visser
+nicolas osteguin YEAAHHH , but i still want to post on youtube. Pretty sure you need some heavy industry to keep the internet alive.
nicolas osteguin
+UgenixK That is what Christ taught us to be self sufficient, and to love each other as we love ourselves. 😉 YOU GOT IT YOUNGSTA! Invest in Land not the industry
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Oxcy _XO
Fuck NATO, U.S, The Zionist and Rothschild.
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Andrej Kocman
u have an attitude problem, u r on the list for some while now
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9/11 was an inside job so that bush could use it all he wanted as an excuse to deceive people to make them believe that they have a right to invade the middle east.
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+Spontaneous Feet oh do yuh? smug piece of shit.
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I Am a Libyan and let me say that what has happened after the war is nothing short of terribly, as most of the new politicians who are running the country haven't been to Libya for decades some even reaching 40 years out of the country are now calling the shots for the entire country, they are doing nothing but ruining it despite the fact that Libya was going absolutely great, i am ashamed to have fought in the war myself for i was naive and thought that i was fighting for a better cause when all i was doing was aiding the people that Gaddafi wanted to rid us off in the first place, it makes me sick honestly thinking of what would happen to other nations that are climbing up.
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Best of luck in your conflict hopefully you make it through to publish it somehow, correct historical documents are a good accomody. Especially these days. god bless the internet... serve and protecting knowledge... for the better.
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John Smith
I really hope Assad survives the monsters of NATO.
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Inspecteur jan
putin will protect him so no problem ;)
PUnk RAbz
so many paid agents here bro .. don't care what others say ..
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This is what the Americans, Canadians, British and French need to exposed to more! But of course, as we all already know, mainstream media will never show the truth...
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Krunk Tripp
+woopygoman dont forget the netherlands #bilderberggroup founder prins bernard
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Country X has oil, Country Y has no oil Country X provides needs and great life for its people. Country Y has nothing to do with the issues of Country X, but insists there is a threat. Country Y gives arms to the people of country X and supports rebels. Country X fight's the rebels. Country Y accuses country X of oppressing its own people.(Al qaida) Country Y declares war on country X. Country X is now controlled by terrorists. Country Y is declaring war on terrorists. The ultimate goal is to destroy all the middle east, terrorists or no terrorists.
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Serpent of Old
Bush makes me sick, what a lying sack of shit
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Asiatic Naga
greenbile it's the Jews behind the bush...lmao
Guy Fieri
Well now we have TRUMP, so gold bless the USA lol
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