nbb series ep 58 part 1





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Uploaded on May 3, 2009

Recap: Allie: *puts his arms back around her* im not done yet
Nat: *smiles, lifts her chin and kisses her* yummy
Allie: *laughs* maybe we can just rest on the couch together?
Nat: yeah.. no pillow attacks this time though..
*they go and sit on the couch and drift off to sleep in each others arms*

~the next day~
Polly: *walks into Nat and Alexs room*
Alex: hi
Polly: since when are you up at 8 in the morning?
Alex: watching Tv
Polly: wheres your brother?
Alex: *smirks* your asking me when you know the answer why? *gestures to allies room*
Polly: he didnt sleep in here then?
Alex: nope
Polly: *sighs* alright*changes the subject* Your father wants to go fishing today
Alex: YES!! Fishys!!
(AN: this is an extremely watered-down version of the reaction that jlee would have if you told her she was going fishing!! Lol.. jlee.. humuhumunukunukuapuaa bwahaha!!!)
Polly: Dont even think about it Alex! there will NOT be throwing rocks in the lake understood?
Alex: *looks at her*
Polly: do you not speak English?
Alex: فوثك تهيس بلاثآ
Polly: what the hell did you learn that from!
Alex: actually I learned it from school
Polly: Alex your learning French not Arabic
Alex: WHOA!!! I thought that was Chinese because some asian Japanese dude said it!
Polly: Alex thats rude! I dont want you talking like that if you dont know what your saying oh my goodness if we were somewhere else we would be in big trouble for saying that
Alex: uhh.. the United States has 54 states you know?
Polly: Alex I told you to stop listening to that girl Danielle!
Alex well at least I dont throw drumsticks at people like Stephanie!!
Polly: Stephanie? Whos that?
Alex: shes the crazy person who virtually threw virtual drumsticks at her friend and made her fall down stairs and now her friend wants to burn things all the time!! Like fireworks!! And.. and.. HER BROTHER!!!
Polly: *exasperated* g-go get ready
Alex: early worms get the bird?
Polly: sure?
*walks into allies room and spots them*
Polly: *sighs* this is going to take some getting used to.
Allie: *opens her eyes*
Polly: *doesnt notice her* hum *picks up allies phone and opens it to see a picture of Allie and Nat
Allie: uhh
Polly: *jumps and ends up throwing the phone in the process* goodness! You scared me half to death!
Allie: sorry *looks expectantly at her thinking shes going to say something about Nat with her*
Polly: oh! Im sorry dear! *picks her phone up and walks over to her*
Allie: *half laughs* its ok*moves Nats hand off her*
Nat: *puts his arm back around her and sighs*
Polly: so um
Allie: *tries to smile*
Polly: when nat wakes up can you tell him to get ready?
Allie: *nods*
Polly: alrighty *walks out*
Allie: uhm.. Polly?
Polly: yeah Allie?
Allie: c-could I get my phone?
Polly: oh right! *laughs a bit sorry about that*
Allie: its okay
Polly: here you go, Ill see you both later *leaves*
Allie: *hits Nat hard* Na-at!!
Nat: ahhow! what? I thought we agreed to no violence?
Allie: and I thought we agreed to no spying! You were awake the whole time!
Nat: *picture a sexy devlish smile here ;))* caught that did you??
Allie: *hits him again*
Nat: geez! You sure you have no siblings! You hit like you grew up with brothers!
Allie: I did
Nat: heh?
Allie: yeah *smiles* their names are Qaasim, David, Thomas and Alex
Nat: what about me?
Allie: you asked about my brothers not my sister
Nat: *blank look*
Allie: oh come on you know that was funny
Nat: sure it is now we can go to the mall and be lesbian sisters!! (AN: bwahaha I am laughing at my own joke)
Allie: shut up
Nat: haha your own joke backfired at you
Allie: *takes his arm off her and gets of the couch*
Nat: aww hey cmon dont be mad
Allie: *walks over towards the bathroom smiling but Nat cant see that*
Nat: *quickly gets up* hey come on.. I thought we were done fighting *gently grabs her waist from behind and kisses her neck* Im sorry *rests his chin on her shoulder*
Allie: *forced herself to stop smiling then faces Nat looking angry*
Nat: uh-oh Im about to be punished arent i
Allie: *jus stares at him*
Nat: *takes a few steps back and stops when he feels the bed behind him*
Allie: *stills has angry look.. pushes Nat so hes now sitting on the bed*
Nat: uhmm

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