The legend of the Icepeople. Book 8. The Hangman's Daughter

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Hildur Joelsdottir has alwyas been an outcast.
Her father, the Hangman's assistant, is the lowest human being in the whole community, but even he is needed from time to time.
No one has ever needed or wanted anything to do with his daughter.

One summer evening, when Andres Lind of the Icepeople is plowing his field, he stumbles upon something very sinister.
4 women were killed and were buried in this remote place near the forrest.

The community is in a state of panic and everyone wants to find the person responsable.

In search for justice Hildur's father is the one they blame and he get's to feel the wrath of the crowd.
Badly injured and more hateful and despiteful of his daughter than ever, he lies on his death bed. And so the hangman is visited by Andres Lind.
He comes here for clues.
This is the very first man Hildur has ever met, apart from her father and maybe one or two of his asociates.

Andres is also the only man that has ever spoken kindly to her in all of her live and she falls in love. So hopelessly that even her father's death can not overshadow it.
After her father's death she is offered to come to Elistrand to help with the orphans that live there.
She get's to know more "unncommonly kind and good people" (as she regards them )and among them is the kindest of them all, Matthias the Doctor,Andres's cousin.

As time goes by Hildur gets very excited about how often Andres comes to visit at Elistrand. But sadly she does'nt realize that Andre's interest is not inveseted in her.
Andres is hopelessly in love with the young Elí, Hildur's new found friend.
Andres, although being rahter clumsy in the ways of love, realizes this and feels bad for Hildur .. and so he asks Matthias if he can pretend to like her so that she won't be too devestated when he pronounces his engagement to Elí !
Matthias accepts to do this but not solely for his cousin's sake. He has feelings for this good hearted and lonely woman as well.
But there is a reason for him still being a bachelor at age 30. When he was a small boy he was kidnapped by a mine owner and was forced to slave in the mines for several years.
This has had a much deeper impact on him than people realize and nobody knows about his terrible nightmares. He does'nt feel he can invite any woman into his inferno.

While this is all going on the search for the real women killer is on.

The crowd will not rest until they find the person responsible ... but what if these murders were not done by a human?
Tales of Warewolfes have always frightened people, but maybe now everybody has to face their darkest fears.
No one more so than Hildur who volunteres to act as a bait for the beast.

Wow that was long hehe.
But in this video I was trying to cover all of these different stories so I hope some of you bore with me :)

I used the wonderful Jane Eyre (2006) with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson in the leads. (Too bad Toby doesn't have his natural red hair in it since Matthias has red hair.. but his freckles are still there so I hope you can look beyond the dyed hair ;)

The song is by Evanescence and is called "Bring me to life".


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