Top Ten reasons why you should NOT go Natural !!!!





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Published on Aug 3, 2011


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Heres my top ten reasons why you never ever fix your lips to say that you want to be natural or to dare to big chop and actually start a natural hair journey!!

Original upload date may, 20 2011

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If you have to wait until the end to figure they're joking you need to work on your ability to recognize sarcasm lol
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NatuRealistic87 VeryKinkyCurl
lol right
amour finney
lol i had two minutes left
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This is basically saying why you should go natural. Don't you guys get it ? 
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armin arlert
+Autumn In Motion I share the same view as her. I don't see anyone on your view
+Autumn In Motion Seriously? Weren't you "serious" when you made that comment? I didn't see an "JK" at the end or "Im just playing" at the end which will obviously cause pple to assume you were "serious". So why do you seem so surprised you got an reaction? Lol if it bothers you so much, then you should've thought twice about what you said before you stated what you stated......am I wrong?
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I can't believe some people didn't get that this piece is really telling you all the reasons why you should go natural. 
Tianna Kompson
I'm kind of mad at myself. It took me the entire video to realise you were being sarcastic.Triple facepalm
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Boluwatiwi Ogunye
lol true
Medina Junious
so tell me if I'm being sarcastic, u can't correct me because I just correct,ur brain washed ass,ur stir the pot and imma finish it.i rather be natural than wearing weave that look like dread lock,or perms.
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Ceejaye Samms
Guys this video is meant to be sarcastic. The purpose of the title was to get your attention but its using reverse psychology and showing why you SHOULD go natural. The poster is clearly natural herself. Please calm down and watch the whole video before you rush for the dislike button or leave a nasty comment. 
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catalina Ease
+Ceejaye Samms, Thank you for saying that. This is an irony video, toward the end of the video there are photos of people with damaged hair through using perm and weaves.....lol; lot of people did not understand the reverse psychology playing in this video.......
Shaune Arnold
+M.C.Honey James C'mon! How could they not? That's the beauty of it. I smiled through the whole vid as I watched it with my soon-to-be-conceited afro. :-)
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Mixed Chick
ive always been natural and men and women have commented on how beautiful it is. what we need to do is have all us black women wear their hair the way it is. no one realizes it. us black women have the most rare hair on the planet!. we can get long big afro curly hair and we can press it. If you relax it u get rid of your natural beauty. i dont understand why women do this its wrong and stupid
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Angie Wilder
Neither do I. plus if they want straight hair there is weave, they don't have to permanently alter their natural beauty.
Annalee Mullings
+cupcakebutterflies true I remember when I got a fugus as a child and the hairdresser said the only easy way to kill it was to jerry curl my hair and trust me from I did that the fungus went away and never came back but I got back my hair natural now.
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Doudny Gee
guuurl !!! lolll at first, I'm like WTF?? But nice video lol...U got me real good gurl thanks, I enjoy it loll
Cheyenne Kelly
Luckily i watched it until the end caause it was getting me upset lol
Rachel Tucker
Me too! my blood was boiling and I couldn't wait to make a comment lol.  Calm down Rachel lol
Tia Williams
when I first saw the title of the video I was like "what type of foolery is this shit" and then I watched the end and was "ok cuz I was bout to say" 😂😂😂
MissCoco Bulls
right loool
Am I the only one that realized that it was actually reasons to GO natural around the 50 second mark? That's sad.
Ceejaye Samms
Lol it really is sad, people can't take a joke
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