George Bush caught LYING about 9/11





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Published on Jul 28, 2011

Footage of George Bush lying flat out about the morning of 9/11! Why would he lie... RATE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!!

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All who say they saw the FIRST plane crash into the tower LIVE on tv as it happened on the morning of 9/11 need to have their brain examined. 
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All who say that Bush meant he "saw that the airplanes hit the tower" as in he heard of it need to have their head examined. Why would he say "the TV was obviously on"...He was obviously referring to watching it on TV as it happened. 
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Njik Man lakhar
islam has no connection with 9/11
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tom conti
trained by americunt homosexuals.
Turner Rooney
Mason Boostrom those terrorists were trained by green berets
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ma Wig
He meant to say " i saw where an airplane had hit the tower"  It's G W Bush for  crying out loud. This video is worthless
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+Souf Kerrlina And was it Cheney of Rummy who slipped and said a missile hit the Pentagon?
Souf Kerrlina
+Obvious Paid Gubment Disinformation Shill you are absolutly correct....it's even a video where rumsfeild was talking and he talked about the plane being "shot down"...the one that "supposely crashed" into that field
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I remember sitting in my office on the morning of Sept 11, 2001 and watching films of both flights hitting the towers. You have your facts wrong somewhere.
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Jacob Sosa
I seen it too! I thought the pilot must have fell asleep or something, then I seen the 2nd plane hit. It wasn't 12 hours later
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It wasn't a failure of intelligence.  This mother fucker knew it was going to happen.
Actually, if you would check your facts, Mr. Bill Clinton knew about Bin Laden almost 10 years before this happened.  His name started coming up in the war room during discussions about Somalia.  We had many chances to take him out but Billy-Boy didn't have the balls.
Since he and many others in his family helped plan and carry it out, I'd say he knew in advance.  
Kaysi Folsom
this is incredibly ignorant the fact that a plane had crashed into the tower was all over the news mins after I don't think he literally meant he watched the plane crash into it... this is the worse conspiracy theory EVER find a different hobby
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Brandon Wilkins
Kaysi Folsom No, he's not right. He was told about the first plane before he even entered the room.The aftermath was then televised live. That should've confirmed his suspicions in which he then says" That's one terrible pilot". Then he walks into the room only to get the 2nd attack report. This conspiracy is wack.
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Open Your Eyes america stop being sheeps
Jamey Highfill
Viiral Maybe u need open your eyes, ever thought about it🤓
Carolyn  Devins
Hate the way he tries to make a smug joke about it nasty
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Carolyn  Devins
+Federico Mazandarani thanks for that 
Federico Mazandarani
+Carolyn Devins TRIES not trys.
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  The American people have to be the dumbest race on earth
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M. Redleg
+Julia Christine Can someone who doesn't even know that American is a nationality and not a race even BE a racist?   
Samih Irfan
yup I'm american but born in a different country and i completely agree
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