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Uploaded on Mar 31, 2009

I showed my Dad the picture.
'Indie, you know the press twists things so much until they soon become something they're not. I'm sure everything has been exaggerated. I know that Joe loves you.' he said. 'Although, if you do want to stay here.. I'm not stopping you honey.'
'Maybe I should go. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding.' I said.
At the other side, I expected to see Joe waiting for me. But instead, I saw Kevin. He stood smiling with his arms open wide. I ran into them for one of his big bear hugs. I should have greeted him, but the only words that came out of my mouth were..
'Where's Joe?'
'I dunno Inds. He said he was running some errands or something.' Kevin said.
'Oh.' I replied.
Okay. Now I was a little suspicious. Kevin and my Dad greeted eachother and then Kevin began to lead us to his car. My Dad up front with Kevin, leaving me in the back. I leaned my head against the window, half listening to the conversation, half concentrating on my thoughts. All I wanted was for me to wake up and for it all to be a dream. We dropped my Dad off at the city house and I have to say.. it was amazing. Twice the size of our old house and only my Dad would be living there most of the time. Alex and I each had our own bedroom for when we wanted to crash there.
Next it was onto my apartment.
Kevin and I talked the whole way there. He told me how Joe had been a little strange ever since they had got back to L.A. How he had always been out. Now I was getting even more suspicious.
We got to the apartments and Kevin came with me. The apartments were amazing. There was a lobby with marble floors and water fountains and floral displays. Kevin handed me the key. I slipped it into the lock and pushed the door open. I almost screamed when I saw Eva standing there. She squealed and hugged me tight.
'I missed you so much!' she said.
'Missed you too. And you too Kev.' I said.
My apartment was amazing. It had a totally minimalist and modern feel to it. It wasn't too big either. Two luxurious bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a larger bathroom, a combined kitchen and living room and the prettiest balcony you had ever seen. I couldn't stop thanking them enough. A little later, after I had made myself a snack, we decided to see what movies were on TV. Kevin and Eva sat on one of the white leather couches. I sat on the floor.
'What are you doing on the floor when there's two perfectly good couches to sit on?' Kevin asked.
'I don't want to ruin it.' I said seriously.
Kevin just smiled. He flicked through the channels. He settled on E! News. I kinda wanted to change it over. I mean, there was likely to be something I wouldn't want to see.
'Lets see what new rumors they've cooked up about us today!' Kevin said rubbing his palms together.
Then my life got a whole lot worse.
'Joe Jonas was spotted today with his new squeeze Camilla Belle.'
I heard Kevin laugh behind me. I saw his hand reach out for the remote, but I snatched it away before he had the chance. I had the right to know.
'The couple walked along the streets of Santa Barbara hand in hand. But that's not all. Check out this picture.'
I closed my eyes and hoped the picture of them kissing would go away.
'Guys..' I was crying by this point. 'Did you know about this?'
Kevin slid down beside me, Eva too. They each had one arm around me.
'No.' Kevin said.
'No.' Eva added too.
'I hate to say it Inds, but it kind of makes sense. I mean he's been so distant, never home. It doesn't surprise me.' Kevin said.
I was shaking uncontrollably. I cried and cried, not stopping. Kevin and Eva didn't move an inch from me, just comforted me. A noise came from the door. Our heads turned to see Joe at the door, a bunch of flowers in his hand. This was just ridiculous. He stopped dead in his tracks after receiving our glares. Nick came in only to be stunned aswell.
'What did Joe do now?' Nick said.
I think he was trying to be funny. I have to give him his props; if we weren't in this situation, everyone would be laughing now. Kevin stood up.
'Joe. Balcony. Now.' he growled.
Nick swiftly took Kevin's place by my side. Joe moved nearer. He crouched down in front of me and placed the flowers at my feet before walking outside with Kevin. As soon as the door shut, Nick burst.
'What happened Inds?' he cooed.
I couldn't say anything. Eva helped me up and the three of us walked through to my bedroom. Eva took out a pair of pajamas from the bag I had packed for tonight. My other clothes were coming tomorrow.
'Go and get changed, wash your face. I'll explain to Nick.' she said.
I nodded once and headed to the bathroom. I did what Eva said. I walked back out to see only Joe standing there.

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