GTA 4 Deal Breaker in under 7:03* Walkthrough

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Ajoutée le 5 mai 2008

*Update: Looks like the time on this one in the strategy guides was wrong too. The real time to beat appears to be 7:03:00. At least its only 1 second off, so it should not be that hard to top.

Hi. I made this video to help you beat rockstars time (7:04) in Deal Breaker in Grand Theft Auto 4. This is one of the times needed to get the "fly the Co-op" Achievement. If you have more questions about the mission, leave a comment and i'll try to respond

Please dont send me messages asking for my help in these challenges. They are time consuming and I get 20 messages a day asking for help. The only help I can offer you is these videos


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