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Published on Jun 7, 2012

We've left high school, but has high school really left us? From memories of being bullied to gym class (accidental flashing) embarrassment to awkward first steps into sex and dating, it stays with us - both the good and the bad. But how much can we really change? The Common Room gang is back to take a hard look back at the warzone that is... high school.

Did high school change you? For the better? For the worse? Were you bullied? Or did you bully others? Can it help to build character in some cases? Or should we have a zero tolerance attitude towards it? What did you think life would end up being like back when you were in high school? Head won to the comment section below and join us in reminiscing!

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We'd like to thank Alex, Brett, Chelsey, Kim, Mark, and Rick for joining us!

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Comments • 837

My father told me one way to deal with bullying, never start the fight, always finish it.
Ryan Cooper
I maintain my point from several common room episodes: CHELSEA BEX IS A FUCKING MORON. Yes some people develop resilience from bullying but some people KILL THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY CANT TAKE IT 
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Solace Creat
Or they kill the people who bullied them. Chelsea basically said that they have to tough it out and adapt. Well, those kids do adapt: they adapt by killing themselves or killing other students, when it would have been so much easier for the assholes to have adapted to not being fucking assholes.
Ryan Cooper
I was thinking troll when you wrote that.  That kind of violent talk is actually pretty common on youtube.
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Bobb Graziano
Why does that arrogant Chelsey,have to always curl up on the furniture? Does anybody else? NO! I wouldn't want her coming to my house,or going to yours and put her feet up on the furniture. Such a B---h!
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I don't mind that that much, I like doing that myself (although I wouldn't as a guest in someone's home). The real problem with her is she was a horrible person in HS, still kind of is, and advocates bullying.
Bob lehnon
exactly she thinks she is a QUEEN but she's not educated
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Well, if you need to bully someone to build up your charecter, you've got some issues there.
Sjeggy 6
so fricking true, but i think it's human nature to degrade others
*character fucking typo
OD Music
Maybe Chelsey's dad covered her in ice-cream and whipped her...
First video I see of Chelsea, but I can't say I am impressed with her. If it were up to me, I'd not invite her again on any show of TYT.
School shootings and suicide are the fruit of bulling, so anybody that tries to defend bulling is a fucking retard!!!
Solace Creat
Chelsea has to be a right winger with her embrace of classicism, in every way. Why is she even on this show? Does someone want to fuck her or something? Because that's the only reason she should be on this show. I only had one bullying incident in high school. I was associated with the popular kids, but I never saw any bullying at my school. There was mocking and poking fun at other people, but those people were usually part of the popular group. Nothing overboard. Of course, I wasn't around them all the time, so I don't know. I was pretty ignorant at that time, too. The sophomores fucked with me in the wrestling locker room once, but after that we were cool. Well, specifically, the coach walked in at the right time and told them that that kind of behavior wasn't acceptable. After that, hey, we were all fellow wrestlers. Looking back, I'm surprised at how that coaches words could have completely neutralized that situation and all other potential future ones.
Mik ail
Why not have Chelsea? It is good to have someone with different views. I don't agree with Chelsea, but it makes the conversation better than having everyone agree all the fucken time. This is a conversation, and good conversation has opposition.   
Raj Singh
That woman in the purple top is very ignorant or has problems expressing her views without pissing people off or wishes to piss people off through her views. She appears to think that her acceptance of unfair hierarchical constructs is pragmatic, but she is ignorant of the fact that things don't have to be this way.
Wow that girl in the purple tank is possibly the largest pickel barrel cunt iv ever seen
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