Its Alright, Its Okay : A Smitchie Love Story | | Episode 6





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Published on Nov 3, 2009

Wow, I guess you guys luv this series;) 6+ Comment's For The Next One!

Episode 6:

-Mitchie's POV- (After the Party)
I walked into my room tossing my heels on the floor, regretting ever coming here in the first place. If I hadn't came then I wouldn't have seen Shane and this would have never happened. I went to the washroom and toke a short shower. When, I came out it was already noon. "Wow, we danced alot." Yeah, sure. The songs changed 9 times. So I got a chance to dance with Shane 3 whole times but he never talked to me after that awkward mood swing of his. I hope he changes his temper towards me, at least we could be friends. It was getting really cold as the moon raised up in the dark sky. I closed my window and hopped onto my comfy bed, but for some reason I couldn't sleep. I couldn't take my eye's off the cheesy moon showing from my wide window, so I just kept staring and thinking about what happened tonight. I heard a knock on the door and sighed. "Come in". He twirled the door knob gently and walked in swiftly. I stood up as soon as I saw him sit down on my bed. "Shane? Why are you here? I thought you didn't want to talk to me." I asked him the first questions that popped up in my head. The question's I needed ANSWER'S to. He just simply stared at me and smiled. I looked at him weirdly. "What? Why are you staring at me like that?" He smirked and stroked my cheek, getting closer to me. "Do you think I would ever be mad at you?" My head shot down. "I thought you were because you weren't talking to me." He just sat there, not moving. "I wanted some space alone Mitch." I nodded my head up and down then hugged him. "Sorry." He chuckled at me. "Your saying sorry because...?" I blushed in embarrassment. "I don't...know." I made a weird face that I do alot. I put the right side of my mouth down and tilted my head to the left and I heard him laugh. I cracked up along just like old days when we used to laugh because of no reason. We didn't know it but alot of time had passed by. When I looked to my clock, i realized it was 2:00am in the morning. I was really sleepy so I fell asleep right on the spot, forgetting Shane was in my room, beside me.

-The Next Morning-
Mitchie: (Had her arms wrapped around Shane's neck, sleeping)
Shane: (Had his arms on her waist, pulling her closer)

[Mitchie and Shane didn't do anything that night. They just got exhausted and fell asleep in each others arms]

Carter: (Walks into Mitchie's room) Mitchie! I need my black heels--(Looks at Mitchie and Shae and waterworks come to her eyes) Shane?!
Shane: (Wakes up and looks around. He saw the position Mitchie and him were lying in and slightly smiled. He got up and put the cover's over her. When he turned around, he saw Carter half crying) Carter, look. Nothing happened between us--(Get's cut off)
Carter: (Open's the door and runs away, covering her face, crying)

Hope you lyked it! 6+ Comment's For The Next One!
There will be someone new added to this story:)

You guys decide:
1. Taylor Lautner
2. Lucas Till
3. David Henrie
4. Sterling Knight
5. Other (You guys decide her love interest)
+It has to be a GUY o.O

Choose your favorite. ^One of these lucky guys will be Mitchie's love interest, when Carter is gone:( And Shane tries to win Mitchie to one of these guys:) I can't wait to see who you guys decide. The one with the most votes will be her love interest. So PLEASE comment!;) 6+ Comment's For The Next One:)


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