How Orange Juice Is Made





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Published on Nov 24, 2009

The process of making orange juice on a humongous scale. The Americans drink so much of the stuff I'm surprised they still have any left for export.

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They didn't show the part where they remove the oxygen and natural flavors, store the juice for a year, pasteurize it and add "flavor packs" and chemicals before shipping.
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Santa's faker than your mother's tits
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What they very specifically DON'T show you so they can lie to you about what you're drinking. Orange Juice will spoil if shipped out fresh, so they have to deoxidize all the juice and remove the oxygen from the whole thing. This, however, completely removes the "orange" taste to orange juice, leaving behind what is essentially just sugared water. So they have to then add natural and artificial perfumes and taste agents to make it taste like what you think orange juice should taste like. This isn't OJ, though. It's like OJ air-freshener. It's bitter and too strong. Real OJ is more mild. The juice company wouldn't let How It's Made anywhere near the process unless they had signed written proof that they wouldn't show or mention any of this, and the entire show's narrative is carefully controlled by the company to make sure it gives the impression to the viewer that this stuff goes from orange to carton with nothing in between. American Orange Juice is a lie.
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Miles Prower
Yeah sucking the juice from an orange is really good but store orange juice is disgusting
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Jonathan Ng
i have no idea how i ended up getting here
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Luke&Lee Vlogs
I was sent here by my cooking teacher lol!!!!!
Thomas Wilson
Jonathan Ng same
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The Guitar Whisperer
They left out the part where they store it for over a year in an oxygen free environment which eliminates the flavor and makes them taste like water, so that they have to add the flavor back in with "flavor packs" that they buy from companies that specialize in making them for different juice companies, hence the REAL reason for the taste testers, and also why the juice is so consistent in flavor carton to carton. It's also why REAL orange juice is so much better than this crap. How can this idiot claim to love oranges and orange juice when he mutilates the oranges in so brutal a fashion, and doesn't really seem to be making actual orange juice?
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+dennis neo diabetics can't drink orange juice or apple juice because of the natural sugars
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Sarah Frost
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It's Hot Lava
Sarah Frost OJ
Esa Skykke
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john adams
I have to wake up for school in 5 hours why the fuck am I watching this
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Adventure Guy
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christopher Rueth
this is absolutely disgusting!! those oranges are mass produced like they are just some chicken, then violently taken and then slaughtered. it's abuse and just wrong. how could you ever drink orange juice knowing this happens to poor innocent oranges. the same happens to other fruits like Apple's. this Is why you stick to eating animals like chickens and pigs.
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christopher Rueth stop abusing trumps family members
ltgamer iphone
christopher Rueth i
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jim jimjim
Orange juice tastes horrible......... if you've just brushed your teeth.
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Genji Gojira
jim jimjim
+Computer Garage - Australia Not really. I think it's because coke contains so much sugar.
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David Evans
So they harvest the oranges, wash 'em, squeeze out the juice, put the juice in cartons and that's what's on the shelf at the market. Fresh squeezed, natural, pure, corporate produced, 100% orange juice. I don't fucking think so.
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Trey Warnock
"Corporate produced"?? Hahahaha...you are trying waaaayyyy too hard, my man.
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Keyboard Dancers
freshly squeezed orange juice tastes nothing like whatever goes into those cartons
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Mike Christiaan
+Keyboard Dancers Jesus loves you! He made oranges :)
William Ela
+Micha Genetay Then you don't have good fruit. If you have truly delicious and  ripe oranges then the juice will be sweeter than factory made
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