Shooting in aurora movies people shot





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Published on Jul 20, 2012

My heart goes out to everyone hurt i apologise to anyone effended. Was in theater 16 this is a tramatizing event. Please show respect to video and yes i took the video

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I think you should have waved and shook the phone around a little more because it was far too clear for me to make anything out at all
Indigo Rebel
First off. If there was some dude shooting up a theater people will be hauling ass trying to get as far away as possible from the scene. Second, how the fuck are people who are shot being walked out without paramedics, Or stretchers? Third no one is running out. More like casually fast strolling
Michael Farner
13shantyltoledo Glad to see you survived it. Physically anyway. Hope you're ok otherwise. <hugs> to you. Take care.
Anthony Forwood
How soon after the shooting was this? It looks like it had JUST happened, but there are already police inside, bringing people out. How is that possible? Why does one group of people suddenly run out after all those others just casually stroll out? What was the reason for that? This looks staged. The same anomalies as in other staged events. Don't shit on me for saying it. I'm just stating my honest opinion.
Michael Farner
The event was real. My brother works in a hospital where one of the victims was taken. Her daughter is the kid that died there. This woman was so bad off she is crippled for life. So I assure you, quite real. My brother had to personally work on her. As for your questions, why do some run while others not: This is because some knew it was a shooter and some were right in theater 9, so that fright and knowledge caused them to run while the others who didn't know only knew they had to leave "now" so they weren't running. I was in a building where a bomb was found and no one ran though the bomb could've blown up right then. I did not "run" either though I was afraid. Frankly, good emergency personnel prefer you don't run since stampedes happen that way and people get killed during it so it's just as well they don't. When I had to evacuate the building with the bomb we were told it was a "suspicious package" so we wouldn't "panic and run over each other" trying to get out but it was a bomb. Trying to keep the public calm is one thing EMS are trained at. They don't want to incite panic. And when it's said "it just happened", it means "within a few minutes". EMS gets there fast so in that regard it DID "just happen". When someone says the emergency "just happened" they don't mean it was "one second ago", it only means it was very very recently - within a few minutes, so that's how EMS are able to be there escorting some of the people out.
Mark Trezise
This surveillance footage was taken just moments after the shooting.
fuck 9gag. that website should be shut down after this.
Lamb of God
I am a Holmie :)
I'm glad I live in the UK. You're safe when you go to the cinema...
Joshua Walker
+1ranjeeves21 But not when walking down the street. A few years ago, I recall a soldier being beheaded on the streets of the UK.
Did you know 0bama and the Democrat party were celebrating these deaths with parties and gave a speech about death to america and americans? then having gay sex with dogs, camels, arabs, socialists, and communists while praying to Karl Marx
@henryjohnson don't you have a cross to burn somewhere? Just like the Ku Klux Klan claiming they like "good negroes," this vile racist BULLSHIT of "I'm OK with GOOD Mexicans, but I hate those La Raza people who think they're actually equal to great white people like ME!" Nazi fuck. Anti-racist is NOT anti-white, liar. There is nothing REMOTELY criminal about La Raza, they are NOT a "mafia," and shove your white pride right up your worthless Nazi ass.
Officer mitchell
Watch what you say not all white are nazis you fuck!
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