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Uploaded on May 12, 2010

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Henry Kissinger has a International Arrest Warrant and a attempt is made to enforce it in Four Seasons Hotel Dublin Ireland where Henry Kissinger was staying 8th May 2010.
The annual Tri Lateral conference headed up and attended by David Rockefeller was held in the Four Seasons Hotel Dublin Ireland 7th and 8th May .
This secretive group are the forerunner group to prepare the way for the major also secretive Bilderberg meeting in Barcelona Spain June 2010.
The meeting mainly arranged the take over of the world to form the New World Order one world government .
It seems it arranged the sudden huge 2 trillion bail out for the Euro as part of the plan to destroy Europe's ability to resist the NWO .
They also discussed according to TUCKER a NWO reporter with the Russians if they would allow the war to be waged with Iran .
It seems that Henry Kissinger as Rockefeller's right hand man had to be at the meeting even though there existed a International arrest warrant from France and Spain who wish to charge him with war crimes from the Chile war.
The Spanish and French say Henry Kissinger is implicated in the death of French and Spanish in the war in Chile .

A delegation of Irish and some other nationals presented the Irish Police force called the Garda to arrest Henry Kissinger who was resident in the hotel on foot of the warrant .
Later the Police Garda forces lame excuse is they admitted that as they processed the arrest warrant they were blocked due to the fact the Irish Government department of foreign affairs were required to process the arrest warrant and that office is closed on weekends .
International Criminals have free reign on weekends in Ireland
Update it turns out the department of foreign affairs is open 365/27/7 .The minister for foreign affairs of that FF government Mehall Martin .closed the department that weekend to block the arrest warrant.
We also now know that the Attorney genral of that period 2010 attended the june 2010 Bilderberg meeting so we can assume he was attending this tri lateral meeting as well
Therefore Henry Kissinger escaped Sunday morning at 11am probably with a police escort to the airport
The special Branch the political police of the Irish state followed some of this group of protesters to a pub and later that night harassed them for the cameras they had .
No cameras or film was lost but it shows that the Irish government conspired to protect this Henry Kissinger from arrest breaking all EU laws of extradition .

The good news is that the protest group were able to use loud speakers to project shows like Alex Jones infowars.com and Mike Rivero whatrealyhappened.com into the hotel nearby thereby letting the NWO know the world including Ireland has woken up to the NWO deception in getting the one world government implemented .

Lucky for the Irish they are not totally dependent on the Irish media or castrated mainstream international media notable by their absence

The alternative media from the Internet was able to notify the Irish patriots the peril that the Irish Republic is in
The opening speech from Mr Cowen Taoiseach (head of the government equivalent to Prime minister )and the the Irish President attending a dinner where Henry Kissinger was attending shows the Irish government are traitors to the core.
This meeting was a extra nail in the coffin to remove Irish sovereignty and remove sovereignty for all nations in Europe.
We assume that German,French ,Spain and other heads of states who also commit this type of traitorous act had suitable people representing their interests in these traitorous act to remove all sovereignty for European nations

EDIT April 2013 .Since 2010 a new regime took power in Ireland a mix of blue shirts & hard core communists under the command of the Peter Sunderland who is the possibly biggest Traitor to Ireland along with Denis O Brien . The present minister for Finance is a treasonous Mr Noonan and he is 44th sitting of the 1926 King George 5th Royal Oireachtas 26 county Provisional Irish Government of Ireland. It was chosen for him to go to Bilderberg 2012 to represent the staged surrender of the wealth of the Crown Corporation of the 1926 King George 5th 26 County Royal Oireachtas Provisional Irish Government of Ireland . The communist Labour party took the position of the Attorney general. A combination of the exposure from these & other documentaries on this problem of the Attorney General & how the Royal Oireachtas Provisional Government of Ireland who actually work for their real boss the Queen of the UK seems to mean that model to attorney General has been changed .Now it looks like it is several ex attorney generals & the minister of Finance going to Bilderberg meetings .The new President is of the Communist camp


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