Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Playthrough Part 7





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Published on Oct 11, 2011

We do some various tasks in Eastern Hyrule, and head to Maze Island.

These are new enemies that we encounter in this part:

Tektite: A familiar foe from the original "The Legend of Zelda" game. Unlike that game, these Tektites cannot be killed by normal slashes by Link's sword. Only the Fire Spell can kill these creatures. They give 50 points when killed.

Girubokku: These eye creatures move extremely slow, but can cause quite a bit of damage. You can only attack them when their eye is wide open. They give 20 points when killed.

River Zora: These creatures can only be harmed by the Fire Spell. They stand on their hind legs or all of their legs, spitting fireballs at you. They give 50 points when killed.

Boon: Sometimes in swampy areas, these flies are too high to hit. Using the Upthrust is an easy way to kill them. They give 50 points when killed.

Octorok (Blue): These Octoroks actually move, unlike their red counterparts. Other than that, they attack the same way as the red ones. They give 20 points when killed.

Leever: Another creature from the original game. These are only in desert terrain, and come out of the ground. They give 10 points when killed.

Ache (Purple): These are rare, and are spies of Ganon. Some people in towns transform into them and attempt to attack you. They give 3 points.

Lizalfos (Orange): These lizards try to stab you with their spears and block your attacks with their shields. They aren't as annoying as Iron Knuckles, but they can be tough. They give 150 points when killed.

Aruroda: These scorpion creatures can only be harmed when they open their single eye. They give 150 points when killed.

Items and Spells obtained in this part:

Secret Treasure Bag: Once you reach Eastern Hyrule, go downwards to find a lone forest block. Enter it to find the Treasure Bag, which gives 200 points.

Link Doll #2: After entering the cave in Eastern Hyrule, go to the desert terrain on the right side of the forested area. One of the blocks will have a Link Doll.

Magic Container #3: In a hidden area of Maze Island, you will fall into a hole that will drop you near a Magic Container.

Fire Spell: In Nabooru, give the woman some water from the fountain. She will let you into her house. Talk to the Wise Man in her house to learn the Fire Spell. This spell allows you to shoot fireballs out of your sword, which can kill certain enemies that cannot be killed by your sword alone.

Reflect Spell: Find the Kidnapped Child on Maze Island, and bring him to the woman who lost him in The Mountain Town of Darunia. Enter her house and talk to the Wise Man to learn the Reflect Spell. With this spell, you can reflect certain projectiles with your shield.

Upthrust: Not really a spell, but it is really useful. Jump on one of the roofs of The Mountain Town of Darunia, and push Down on one of the chimneys to enter it. Talk to the Knight in the house to learn the Upthrust. You can now attack enemies in the air, and break blocks above you.

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