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Published on Dec 5, 2009

This is a clip of me getting tackled by a security guard at the Portola Plaza in Monterey, CA. A lot of people thought this was fake so I finally dug up the original Hi8. The Monterey PD comes at the end of the clip to give me a warning. I don't really know what happened with the security guard, but we always called him Captain America, I think his name is Ian.

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Rex K
Sometimes security guards take their jobs too seriously.  
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Gyspy Rose
Rex K he acted professionally.
Vallory Knight
Rex K thats a fact
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adam s
This is bullshit. To any young skaters out there who may be watching this, here's some advice I got from a lawyer about skateboarding on private property:   Security guards can ask you to leave but they can not legally physically detain you (like this security guard did) unless you pose a threat to the people on the property and the security guard reasonably suspects you will harm someone (for example, security guards have a right to tackle you and detain you if you are waving a gun or other weapon at people). Skateboarding does NOT fall into this category. It doesn't matter if you fall a lot and they think your board will hit someone. It doesn't matter if they've asked you to leave before more than once. None of that matters. All they're legally allowed to do is ask you to leave and/or call the police. If a security guard ever puts his hands on you aggressively, you have the right to defend yourself as you would against any other stranger who aggressively puts their hands on you. No court case will ever side against you on this and you will not be punished for defending yourself. Security guards often let their small amount of power go to their heads (as do cops) and it's very common for them to become aggressive and abuse their authority by intimidation or violence. Keep this in mind: you always have the right to run away or defend yourself.  Skateboarding may be a nuisance but it is not a crime. All this aside, do try to be mindful of signs posted which state no skateboarding policies. Skateboarding is not a crime but trespassing is, and if you've been asked before to leave an area, then either try to find a different skate spot or come back when you know security won't be there. Have fun. Skate on.  
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GDOG Vlogs
adam s yes this is all true are u a lawyer or something because u make a great one
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security does not have the right to detain anyone unless they commit a felony that they witnessed. 
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Abby Snyder
she stole a fidget spinner
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ex plicit
LOL You people are so helpless. This wanna be pig, 40 year old virgin over here just tackled a 12 year old girl cuz he thinks he is in a movie... "went rabbit" this has to be a joke. If I saw that pathetic excuse for a guard pinning that little girl I would run up and kick his head like a punt. Security guard certification does not give you the right to pretend your a cop/detain anybody espically not a 12 year old girl. Your all fucking satanists. 
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davhon keys
ex plicit she's not a she's it's a boy and get grammar man
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Sir Joey
Haha he thinks hes FBI or some shit.
gaminpro 11
Sir Joey yeah
Haniff_ Hamid
U sir,made my day with tt comments.:)
A grown man has no business touching a little girl like that.
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Kermit.D Frog
WelshSkatingGeek ik this is late but I would have......I'm NOT A SEXIST
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Dubious Doobie
What's with all the hate on skaters? WTF, they're just having fun, and assholes have to ruin it for them.
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Hey Babe
Well a lot of skaters are assholes
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This could be a scene from a movie lmao
King Smith
iAM_TeLL LOL he looks like he's from a movie
haha, same thought.
Why does this sound like a movie?
clemiclu shampeen
thats a girl?
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+emosh73 I guess someone with a low IQ would make statements about children sexuality based on appearance without even knowing the child personally ... and, yeah, caps lock, nice, shouting always help settling an argument. 
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