Fukushima JP update 2/10/12 (United States #4 Spent Fuel Pool, Methane Hydrate, MsMilky's update)





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Published on Apr 5, 2012

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"no damage" to sfp (spent fuel pool) in reactor 4, video of the "damage" inside the spent fuel pool,
Construction of 2 new nuclear facilities approved in united states in 34 years (since three mile island meltdown) in Vogel Georgia. Apparently Jazsko was against it but who knows if tht was just a "face to wear for the public"... Thanks Westinghouse and Japanese Toshiba, May begin operation in 2016

Drilling for Methane Hydrate. You may remember the Gulf of Mexico BP "incident" of "oil spill"... it was speculated they hit a pocket of methane hydrate and that is why the rig exploded.... just sayin'

Arnie Gundersen flashback from March 31, 2011 talking about how the spent fuel pools in 1Fuku4 (Fukushima Daiichi reactor 4) (not to be confused with Fukushima daini - which is also a nuclear wasteland) I don't recall posting this video in March, but since it is pertinent now, UP IT GOES...

masterofmanythings1 on youtube does a nice rant about drunk nuclear workers,

and the never ending http://enenews.com/ headlines... click on headline to read full story behind the headline.

Latest Headlines:

Troubled Calif. nuke plant may not even apply for a renewal license — Says 4,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste stored onsite

"This is a developing story": NBC has learned there's been a leak at Hanford — "Radioactive reading" near cracked container of radioactive waste

"Sophisticated Press Manipulation": Journalist's detailed critique of PBS Frontline's Fukushima program

Tepco releases video of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4: Debris that fell on racks of fuel rods "apparently" caused no damage (VIDEO)

9th Grade Author on Total Opposites: It felt so strange hearing "evacuate immediately", then "there's no immediate effect — It's safe" (VIDEO)
enenews_ 2012-02-10 09.12t

Tepco prepares to film Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — "You can vaguely discern the fuel rods" says worker

Japan Media: "Wasteland" at Fukushima Daini perfect place for Tepco to set-up decontamination factory

"Highly Unusual": Authorities demand stop to construction of new reactors — Officials worried releases of gas and toxic liquids will severely affect nearby residents -Chinese Media

Yomiuri: Fukushima Daini was 'near meltdown' admits head of plant — "At the moment, I can only say we'll maintain a STATE of cold shutdown"

Explosion at Reactor No. 1 reportedly caused by damage from quake: NRC

Newly published photos of bird abnormalities in areas contaminated with radiation, via USC study (PHOTOS)

Fairewinds: Nuclear expert believes top lifted off Reactor No. 1 containment BEFORE explosion (VIDEO)
Fairewinds: Nuclear expert believes top lifted off Reactor No. 1 containment BEFORE explosion (VIDEO)

*NRC approves new US reactors* NRC Chairman says no: "I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima had never happened" — Had been a supporter of project

NHK: No active fuel was inside Reactor No. 4 when quake hit

WSJ: Tepco to suspend all nuclear operations

Originally uploaded by MsMilkytheclown on Feb 10, 2012
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