John Legend surprises Baptist Church in West Philly ("How I Got Over")





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Published on Jun 19, 2011

John Legend shocks Calvary Baptist Church with a surprise performance of "How I Got Over" in West Philadelphia.

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mari omari
Ahaa I loveee how church microphones allll over the world seem to be the same hahha. Ahw the faulty mic really takes me to church
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H Jr
I wonder if Jesus walked in would he get that kind of reception? 
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+H Jr Why do you think that?
H Jr
+ThaMobstarr they would probably try to run and hide 
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Joseph Pollachek
I'm Catholic but that looks like fun tho I'm gonna start to visit the Baptist Church after I'm done with mass at my Catholic Church May The Lord bless us all
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Osaz Osas
Joseph Pollachek Amen
Marian Brewer
Joseph Pollachek vim
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Probably the only way huge celebs like this even get a chance to attend church is by surprise drop-ins, because you know good and well they probably wouldn't even get a chance to get a seat themselves if it were pre-announced. This can be problematic to a celeb who is also seeking a church and closer walk with God. The congregations should remember that celebrities have souls to be saved, too!
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Mocha Me
Imani Haupt so true the church I use to go to has a few celebrities people just say hello like normal and enjoy the service
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Kevin Boseman
Reading these comments...So many haters. And so sad. People are missing true blessings because God doesn't show up in the package they are accustomed to. Just because someone makes a living singing mostly what some people refer to as secular music, does not mean that God is not working through them to bless people and ultimately get the praise Himself. There are plenty of artists, like John Legend, who may not have "God" and "Jesus" in their lyrics, but their message is filled with truth and light and love. If you don't like it, that's fine, but don't judge someone else's praise. Have several seats!!!!
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Jerry Cervantes
ericb92280 Don't play that "actions speak louder than words" card brother. I'll tell you why. Because what is at hand is a convo about the principles of worship and praise. You don't me and how I act, and I don't know you and what you live day to day. But what is established by God, his word, can't be changed. If there is someone that is honestly concerned about topics of worship and praise - that's what we are doing - talking. If there is someone that feels a connection with John and feels compelled to "defend" in this comment segment - don't do it. Because what he went to do to this church was not relevant and it did not have anointing. So he can't be defended.
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jay-r ynot
Worship God in spirit and in truth not in entertainment
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Foryourmighty Glory
Amen to that !!!
JUZZY BOXX God, the God of the Bible a demands that true worshippers MUST worship him in spirit and in truth.... offering up ourselves as living sacrifices....that is what demands for as the only acceptable worship. Anything else that we do is in our pockets.
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hmmm he's said in recent times he is no longer Christian...hope he finds his way back. the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away
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Grateful and Blessed
Sherelle Willis Where is that scripture?
Ace Lee
shalalala yup his soul is already looking back wondering how he got over
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Gina LaFionda
Did they not have a better mic for him? jeez
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BlackMadonna HEIRLOVE
Gina LaFionda (I'd love to believe John didn't mind it one bit.....if he mind it, I'd think GOD is not with him at all) he's real, real.....@ the end of the day, he may bless the house of GOD..."THAT WAS FUN" I'd love to believe GOD is a fun GOD too.... be well all
It's the recording, in the church it prob sounded fine
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Jordan Dyer
This dude came in the middle of service, sang, and left. It was a performance. 
Donald Murray
@Jordan Dyer: that's what I'm saying to, he just came in and sang and just left that's it, wow🤔

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