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Published on May 20, 2010

Harrison Ford attended the Empire strikes back gala. Things got a little crazy when Harrison was signing for fans so much so that Harrison himself had to warn fans to STEP BACK or else!

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Harrison Ford is probably the only celebrity to consistently and authentically demonstrate how absurd celebrity truly is. I love that he doesn't hide his rightful disgust at a herd of idiots on the verge of killing each other for what? The scribbled signature of another human being. It's always nice to have one's work recognized and valued. But only a narcissist could appreciate the kind of Godly exaltation that stems from crazed fanaticism.
lovelush2u Kanye is the opposite lol
Will Grello
yup. he is very down to earth
huffle punk
I hate these videos and I always feel bad for the actors that spend their own time to do these things. Makes me sick. Those aren't true fans, they're just looking to make $$$ selling these autographs.
Um, nobody forced him to go to this gala. I think you have to be pretty mentally insane to willingly go to one of these events knowing damn well what's going to happen with the fans, and then acting disgusted about it. He should watch how Hugh Jackman or Will Smith for example handle these situations, I've seen footage of them doing exactly the same thing as he is here and they are absolutely awesome about it. I still love Harrison Ford though, and he's certainly nowhere near as bad to his fans as some actors/musicians are. I read an article about Kevin James, who is probably the biggest piece of shit person in Hollywood, when he goes to a store, he has one of his guards go into the store ahead of him and tell everyone to not look him in the eye, and he one time verbally humiliated a waitress for talking to him directly.
jesus...crowds need to fuckin chill
missleading video, her never told them to step back
+Anonymous at 0:34 he says "back off now, walk away"
Jose boiii
He said back off wich is pretty much the same thing
Ben G
He's a grumpy git. Imagine being Harrison Ford, a handsome movie star with all his wealth, fame, his movie achievements, all the beautiful women he's dated, his great life! Christ I'd be smiling 24/7!
smooth smoothy smoothington
Ben G he's really fucking annoyed though
Careful. He always shoots first, you know.
Irish Sean
Pure animals, I would have walked off if I was Harrison Ford.....
Freddy De La Torre
lmao his face is full of disgust, I love this man, he don't give a fuck
Himno Anónimo
I think he is unpleasant because he needs people to behave as if he were a nobody. Recently he was in a TV show in Spain and he couldn't even wait to the credits to get out the scenario despite the fact that an entire orchestra were playing on his honour. He's bacoming an anti-social person. His brain is shouting for a normal life.
Jack D
Then he should have chosen one as a career
anti-social is not the right word, he maybe has some repulsion or lack of patience to deal with this kind of shit .
Johanna Schmidt
Oh man I'm so sorry
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