What NOT to Wear When Bugging Out After a Disaster!





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Published on Feb 14, 2011

"Survival Doc" explains the use of camouflage and tactical gear when bugging out after a disaster or emergency. Gun confiscation after Hurricane Katrina is discussed as well as martial law and military oaths to protect and defend the Constitution and how Oath Keepers have sworn to keep their oath even when given illegal and unconstitutional orders by their commanding officers or the president.

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Unrealistic Daydream
Wrong soldiers vs. Citizens with guns. Hmmm.......the military wouldn't stand a chance. I mean why hasn't China invaded. It has been stated many. There is a rifle behind every blade of grass. Too many like minded citizens would not let such a thing as martial law stand in their way of their birth rights. They would fight!
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RAIN Arthie
I was in the military and would not disarm anyone. It is called an unlawful order. I was at katrina and did not take peoples guns. My company commander told the chief of police to go fuck himself and told the chief he would arrest police if they took people's guns. We arrested 37 police and were released after things settled down.
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Jerry Rubio
What happened to what not to wear....2 min, then it was a tirade.
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Kendall Sorensen
I was in New Orleans during Katrina and my unit declined to follow the order from the local police to disarm. We were then sent to a support role in a FEMA area.
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If your government gets out of hand and a civil war breaks out ...i will personally leave my country and come to America to fight the government with the rest of the population 
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Randall Berry
I do want to blend in .Blend in to the woods dude! I don't want them to see me at all.
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It was WAY more than 50% of soldiers that refused to grab guns. The "orders" were from unit commanders, not OC. They stopped way before it got out of hand. Take it from someone that was there...The local police were the main suspects, and it was not for any reason other than fear. The feds stepped in and actually put a stop to the gun grabbing. This is why out of state police were deputized. The locals were either too corrupt or could not handle the task at hand and state police were spread too thin.
Strelok 762
Well it depends on what kind of situation it is. Flood? Natural disaster? No way you should where camo. However,New World Order storm troopers killing Americans who won't give up their guns,dragging folks to FEMA camps,exterminating Christians then thats when you will need camo and will need to form Militia's because anyone who doesn't go out and resist is a coward and will be remembered as such and as the Bible states - No coward will enter Heaven. And trust me the latter scenario is the likely,Anyone know what Jesus said in Luke 10: 18? " ra'ah satan naphal 'aher baraq o bamah" Strongs Hebrew: Lightening "Baraq" http://biblehub.com/hebrew/1299.htm Strongs Hebrew: Heaven'Heights "Bamah" http://biblehub.com/hebrew/1116.htm The letter O is used in Hebrew to join a phrase together leading to what Jesus said as "Baraq O Bamah" In English Jesus said in his prophecy "I beheld satan as Barack Obama". Book of Revelations"- I saw the souls of those that were beheaded for the witness of Christ" Yes they will be coming to kill Christians
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Nick Archer
Just to help support your argument about blending in, as an 18 year old in the military, I would have definitely stopped and searched you if you were wearing a military uniform and an NRA hat. 
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ese hombre
When it comes to profiling military garb or any pro gun/hunting clothing is not the only thing they will be looking for. That is a very nice looking beard you have there Survival Doc. I would recommend loosing it. A long beard like that spells out hunter. I see many of my co-workers sport long beards now even the younger men. It spells out Doc Dynasty aka hunter/NRA. Dump the Cabellas, Brownells, Colt, Remington, ect hats and tees along with the death begore dishonor garp and try to stay somewhat clean shaven. If the SHTF scenerio lasts for a long time a beard might be okay.
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