Husaria "First Amongst Equals"




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Published on Oct 22, 2011

Pics: All over the internet.
Music: Fate/Stay Night OST "Eiyuu Ou"; remixed and lengthened by me.

The Husaria was the result of the adaption of the Southern European Hussar formation by Poland. Initially used as light Cavalry to support heavily armoured lancers by the late 16th century they became the main force of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth serving as lightly armoured lancers.

In nearly three hundred years of service this formation became famous for playing a crucial part in many of the Commonwealths victories and gained a "larger than life" reputation that lead to many enemies quitting the field rather than face their charge.

Over the course of the 17th century they formation became increasingly more elite in its outlook and became a minority in the army, though still serving as shock troops and contributing to more victories than is polite to mention.

Disbanded in the 18th century the Husaria nevertheless continued to dominate the imagination of many living on in art, literature and film.

Made up of noblemen the only element of their equipment funded by their paymaster was the kopia (a light, 4.50-6.50 meter lance) leading to a vast array of arms and armour, not helped by rivalry between individual nobles who would attempt to outshine their comrades by having better and more "eye-catching" gear.

The combination of burnished armour, bronze decorations, skins of exotic animals, eastern rugs, gold silver and jeweled gear to say nothing of "wings" strapped to the saddle made and make this formation one of the more eye pleasing world wide.

Quotes: "When they charge with lances lowered nothing will stop them."
"The Correspondence of Henry Hyde, Earl of Clarendon and of his brother Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester "

"Hussars never retreat, they loose their horses and drive through everything before them."
"Les anecdotes de Pologne ou memoires secrets du regne de Jean Sobieski" Francois Paul d'Alerac.

"His majesty ordered all commanders to, when charged by hussars or other lancers, to give way their charge which, as he knew, no power or tactics could withstand."
Orders attributed to Charles X Gustav prior to the Battle of Warsaw.

"The husaria deserves special mention both for their valour and virtue (...) Prime nobles enlist and accomplished officers who have commanded kozaks or other elite formations have no qualms 'bout serving as a simple soldier amongst the 'ussars (...)
Sebastian Cefali.


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