Mi Dolkar Dolkar Dariya cha Raaza





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Uploaded on Apr 22, 2010

First of all I must say that I have no right to upload this Duet from my channel.
I have uploaded it with the intention of sharing the beauty of this song with all music lovers. No copyright infringement is intended and it is not for any commercial gains.
When I joined Railways in 1969, I was sent for training to Parel Workshop of Western Railway with my other colleagues. There in workshop, this wonderful duet was daily played on PA system. Though I could not understand the Marathi lyrics but it cast its spell on me.
After that for forty years I could not listen this song. Then one day, I looked for it on internet and I found it. I have posted it for the pleasure of Music lovers.
Shanta Shelke
Lata Mangeshkar - Hemant Kumar
Music Director
Hridayanath Mangeshkar

मी डोलकर डोलकर डोलकर दयार्चा राज़ा
घर पान्यावरी बंदराला करतो ये जा

आय बापाची लाराची लेक मी लारी
चोली पिवली गो नेसलय अंजिरी सारी
माज्या केसान गो मालीला फुलैला चाफा
वास परमाळता वार्‍यान घेतय झेपा
नथ नाकान साजिरवानी
गला भरुन सोन्याचे मनी
कोलीवार्‍याची मी गो रानी
रात पुनवेला नाचून करतय मौजा

या गो दर्याचा दरारा मोठा
कवा पान्यावरी उठतान डोंगर लाटा
कवा उदानवारा शिराला येतय फारु
कवा पान्यातूनी आभाला भिरतंय तारु
वाट बगून झुरते पिरती
मंग दर्याला येते भरती
जाते पान्यान भिजून धराती
येते भेटाया तसाच भरतार माजा

भल्या सकालला आभाल झुकतंय हे खाली
सोनं चमचमतंय दर्याला चढते लाली
आमी पान्यामंदी रापण टाकतो जाळी
धन दर्याचं लुटून भरातो डाली
रात पुनवेचं चांदन प्याली
कशी चांदीची मासोली झाली
माज्या जाल्यात होऊन आली
नेतो बाजारा भरुन म्हावरा ताजा

Here is the translation of this song as done by vivek schrieb:
Chorus: Valhav re nakhava ......(Oar the boat, ho oar
the boat... rama)
Hemant: Mi dolkar-dolkar- (I'm the swinging
king of the seas)
Ghar panyavari .... (My house is on the water and
come and go to the harbour)
Mi dolkar-... (I'm the swinging king of the
Chorus: Valhav re nakhava (Oar the boat, ho oar
the boat... rama)

Lata : Aaibapachi larachi lek me lari,
(I'm the dear daughter of my parents; my blouse is yellow
and have a fig-coloured sari on)
Mazya kesan go ... (In my hair I've a blooming
"chafa" (Michelia))
Vas paramalata...(The perfume is heady and makes
somersaults in the air)
Nath nakan sajirvani, (My nose ring is
very decorative and my neck is full with golden beads)
Kolivadyachi me go Raani (I'm the queen of the fisher colony)
Rat poonvela ... (In the full-moon night, I'm
enjoying myself dancing)
Hemant : Me dolkar-dolkar...

Lata : Ya go daryaachaa darara motha (The sea is raging big)
Kava panyavari uthatan dongarlaataa (And at times the
waves are as big as mountains)
Hemant : Ya go daryaacha darara mothaa (The sea
is raging big)
Kava panyavari uthatan dongar laataa (And at times the
waves are as big as mountains)
Lata : Kava udan vara shirala yetay faru (And at times the wind...?)
Kava panyasuni aabhala... (And at times the sky revolves
around the water)

Lata : Vat bagun zurate pirati tava daryala yete bharati (Through waiting my love is wearing and even the has tide comes in)
Jate panyan bhijun dharati (The earth is soaked up)
Yeto bhetaya tasach bhartar maajaa.. (And just then comes my lover to meet me.)

Hemant : Bhalya sakalala aabhal zukate he khali, Sone chamchamatay -daryala chadhate lali .(In the morn, the sky is bowing down and the
gold is shining and the sea is blushing)
Aamhi panyamandi rapan takato jali (And we put the nets in the water)
dhan daryache lutun bharato doli (And loot the riches of the sea)
Rat punavechi chandane pyali, Kashi chandichi masali zali...(The full moon night has drunk the stars, as if the fish has turned silver)
Majya jalyat houn aali (And has turned up in my net)
Neto bajara bharun mhavara taja... (I take to the market the fresh goods)



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