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Published on Jun 29, 2012

In this video Ra Imhotep discusses the attributes of the newly discovered sign of Ophiuchus. To obtain a spiritual consultation or natal reading visit http://www.13signsastrology.com/astro...

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Tad, Ophiuchus (which is one of the astrological signs depicting the occult) isn't evil. Evil stems from the ignorance. A good word to describe Ophiuchus is secret or sacred. Darkness is only evil because the seer isn't able to perceive his or her environment.
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perfectly said
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Bailee Vanderleest
Wow thank you for your videos sir! I'm out of breath! Lots of Love to you. 12/12/1992 baby. It's been- magical. to say the least. And we're only getting started! 
Frank Jackson
Nadine Sofia
Finally one more youtuber that takes Astronomy into consideration.. I don't understand some tropical astrologers, who insist that tropical method is correct, when it does not respect the 13 constellations, does not respect the changing of our perspective due to precessions and does not respect the different sizes of constellations.. Sidereal/Vedic astrology changed my life, I'm serious. I learned astrology trough tropical but.. I always felt something was not right, I didn't identified 100% with my placements. This year I finally gave Sidereal a chance and everything made sense. :)
Meghen Black
Well tropical astrology doesn't work with constellations instead its the orientation of the Earth relative to the Sun and planets of the solar system which is why it doesn't take astronomy into consideration...
Alicia Monet
This resonates with me so much especially right now where I am on my journey. My birthday is November 30. The Most High informed me that I am here to emit Love,Peace,Healing,and Restoration. I am also learning to embrace my darkness which it have been programmed to fear.
Nov 30 here too..and every word written coincides with me...the shift is real🙏💫
Maheem Santos
Thank you. This video was insightful and resonated with my being.
Firstname Lastname
Sounds a lot like scorpio. I was born dec 12 1987. Am i not a Sagittarius anymore, or am i still a Sagittarius because i was born before we aligned with the new one? And, if this new sign is taking place of Sagittarius, then what dates are Sagittarius or does it "not exist" anymore? Thanks.
For the record, Ophiuchus is between the 30th of November to the 18th of December. It is what interested me to check our your videos as my eldest daughter is that sign, being born on the 18th of December... and if you have looked into or learned about blood types, she is also AB- which accounts for less then 1% f the world! I am on a journey to learn all I can about those qualities... Thanks for the videos. Blessings!
Evil . Ophiuchus. Really.   If your going to count this as the Thirteenth Zodiac sign. You have to add in the 13th month to even begin to understand Ophiuchus.   Ophiuchus is a MAN. The Snake represents the Sceptor.  Now Back to 13 zodiacs require 13 months .   13 months x 28 days = 364 day year.  This was the calendar of Moses . and the Sabbath day is 7 th day after new moon. so the Sabbath would fall on the 7th 14th 21st and 28th of each 28 day month . Your a phony trying to make a buck off of the true zodiac without even understanding its meaning . There is a reason it was recently rediscovered.  It is the Only Zodiac sign represented by a MAN!     The snake (serphant) is the Staff of Arron Sceptor of Adam You know the serphant of God that ate the 2 cobras of Pharaoh. Its going to suddenly appear soon .  The One who rules with a Rod of Iron(Sceptor) is at hand.  Its been prophecy for thousands of years.  Like a thief in the night he comes.
! = 29 Nov - 17 Dec
Lesly Solo
apparently I'm a ophiuchus... didn't even feelm like a Sagittarius...
Louiellee Briones
do you feel more like an Ophiuchus Lesly?
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