Revelation: The Fuel Project Guide (Part 12 - Attention Turns Back To Israel)





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Published on Feb 13, 2014

Before the final seal is opened and the Day of Wrath begins, God seals 144,000 people from the twelve tribes of Israel. They will remain on earth through the Day of Wrath...

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Last Days Detective
So far, this series has been commendable. But now it's different. You say that the church is "inconspicuous by it's absence" but what of the "saints" and "brethren" we read of in many chapters ahead? Doesn't the church consist of saints and brethren? According to Paul's and John's letters, it does. And who said anything about a church age, let alone it ending? Both Christ and Paul spoke of "this age and the age to come," not a 'church' age. As for the age of the Gentiles, Jesus said in Luke 21 this will come to an end when Jerusalem is no longer trodden down by Gentiles. In Rev 11 the Gentiles are still treading down Jerusalem... That God seals 144,000 Jewish believers for special protection does not necessarily mean the church is "gone or insignificant" as you say. Why can't these believers be a part of Christ's church still on earth? It's made up of Gentile and Jewish believers, is it not? In Romans 11 Paul quotes a passage from Isaiah 59 when he mentions all Israel being saved. This passage is a 2nd coming passage, thus showing that Paul understood the salvation of the remnant of Israel happening at the 2nd coming. Notice Zechariah 14 talks of Jews in Jerusalem being saved the very day Jesus returns. The full number of Gentiles will therefore be complete right before the 2nd coming. And how can the 144,000 be equated with "all" Israel when the tribe of Dan is omitted in the list in Rev 7 and replaced by Manasseh, the son of Joseph? Ezekiel 48 states that Dan will have a lot in the land in the coming kingdom. You say yourself: "If one of the 12 tribes were lost or cut off it could not be said that all Israel will be saved." It should be obvious that the list in Rev 7 is not what Paul was talking about. The book of Revelation does not say that the 144,000 "take over from the church as God's witnesses on the earth." Neither does it say only they will preach the gospel to the whole world. In actual fact, nothing is said of what they do. As for the day of wrath, how can this day come after the opening of the seventh seal when it is said at the sixth seal "the great day of His wrath has come"? The total testimony of Scripture is that this day is the day Jesus comes back. Apparently, the seals are the overall picture of the end time, with Christ visibly returning at the sixth seal. The events of this seal are alluded to in 2nd coming passages in the prophets. At the opening of the seventh seal the book is opened and all the details of the great tribulation (between the fifth and sixth seals) is laid bare. Notice also that the "great day of God Almighty" in Rev 16 is spoken of as a future event. I hope you have eyes to see, brother! God bless.
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Really enjoying this series...thanks for all the efforts and God Bless....
Jamar Johnson
The Jewish are of the nation of Judah after the separation. The ten tribes mixed with the heathen and became Samaritans. The tribes Judah and Benjamin and a few of the others that left the ten tribes were then known as the Jews. So it's not 144.000 Jews when the bible clearly states 12,000 from each tribe. These must be old testament saints. They believe in Jesus, they are Male, and all are virgins.
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rod brown
Well said! but indeed all Israel will be saved, both the people of Jacob and Gentiles who believe. Because God has made us one people of faith, we now are counted as Israel, there is no difference, we are all one in Christ and there is no favouritism, all whom the Lord shall call. A remnant of both Jew and Gentile., that's what it means,"that all Israel will be saved." He turns his attention to those that are sealed at the start of Rev 7 his elect Israelites, the church of the elect at this point have been translated.
Watch and pray
IT ISN"T 144,000 JEWISH PEOPLE! You really failed to study on this. You have to consider all 12 tribes, not just a couple of them! Of course, tht is a BIG study, and you would really have to care enough about the truth to even consider such an endeavor. Like the truth or love it? HMMMMMMM Also, you have to consider the Scripture that states these 144,000 are virgins and follow the Lamb wheresoever to goeth.... JEWS do not follow the Lamb and thus are not virgins, but those thatare Christians from all these tribes, yes, believe it or not their are Christians out there that are from all 12 tribes ;) Do your homework
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David Wheeler
I know the tribe of Dan gets left out of this prophecy because the tribe sinned by worshiping idols during the time Israel dwelled in the promised land. (Pretty much most of Israel sinned by idol worship during this time.) My question is, when does the tribe of Dan get reconciled with God?
Mark Bernard
Good to see you are not discounting the future role of the nation of Israel
i havent seen you talk about the lost tribes in terms of those who migrated and established britain, ireland scotland then america. jews were from one tribe, the tribe of judah. jesus was clear when he spoke and said he came for the lost tribes of isreal. the jews rejected him and will until the last days when the remnants from all 12 twelve tribes are revealed. none of the other tribes rejected jesus, and their martyrdom is well preserved throughout history. its a common mistake to say jews represent all twelve tribes, however that would not fullfill our father abrahams promise from god as his descendants being as the sands of the sea. the small number of jews today do not fullfill that promise.
Jerry Anderson
http://biblehub.com/gwt/isaiah/40.htm --"Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and announce to it that its time of hard labor is over and its wrongs have been paid for. It has received from the LORD double for all its sins." --A voice cries out in the desert: "Clear a way for the LORD. http://biblehub.com/gwt/luke/1.htm "His name is John." Everyone was amazed "You, child, will be called a prophet of the Most High. You will go ahead of the Lord to prepare his way.
Jerry Anderson
"On that day I will seek to destroy all the nations who attack Jerusalem. http://biblehub.com/gwt/zechariah/12.htm "I will pour out the Spirit of blessing and mercy on David's family and on those who live in Jerusalem. They will look at me, whom they have stabbed. Then they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son, and they will cry bitterly for him as one cries for a firstborn son.

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