Todd & Sarah Palin: secessionist Alaska Independence Party (please read "more info"!)





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Published on Oct 7, 2008

I discovered this excellent video, and then found out that wingnuts were harassing the videomaker and using threats to force them to take down the video off of YouTube. This is America -- stand up for freedom of speech, freedom from harassment! Feel free to download and post this video to your own YouTube account.


Sarah & Todd Palin have both been involved with the AIP (Alaska Independence Party). AIP's goal is for Alaska to break away from the US.

Documented, confirmed: during 1995-2002 Todd Palin was a registered member of the Alaskan Independence Party.

Sarah Palin wasn't just palin' around with a registered secessionist -- she'd been sleeping with 'em.

But how deep does Sarah's involvement go? She and the McCain campaign have claimed that she is not a "member" and has not been a "member", and used her Republican party registration to back those claims. They intimidated AIP chair Lynette Clark into recanting her claim that Sarah Palin was a "member".

But "membership" isn't the only question, or even the most important question.

Not being registered as an AIP member did not keep some Alaskans from being supporters of the party and its aims. Jack Coghill, the lieutenant governor of Alaska from 1990 to 1994 and a candidate for governor in 1994 on the AIP ticket, told Mother Jones that being friendly with the AIP and a registered Republican was "common" in the 1990s.

ABC News on September 2, 2008: former AIP official -- Mark Chryson, chairman of the AIP from 1995 to 2002 -- tells ABC News that "Palin was at the convention in 1994. She was there."

There is unequivocal evidence on video that other AIP leaders are certain that Sarah Palin was a participant and sympathizer from before she was Wasilla mayor.

Dexter Clark, vice chairman of the Alaska Independence party, told party officials in 2006 that: "She was an AIP member before she got the job as a mayor ... But you get along to go along -- she eventually joined the Republican Party"


Sarah Palin welcomed the AIP convention in Wasilla in 2000 when she was mayor.

Sarah Palin openly acknowledges having campaigned at the AIP convention in 2006.

As Governor she recorded a clearly supportive welcome to the 2008 AIP Convention.

"Your party plays an important role in our states politics ... keep up the good work, and God bless you."

(clips of that 2008 welcome are in the video on this page, as well as in the video linked above)

More evidence:

Todd, definitely a registered member for over 6 years. Sarah, definitely participating at AIP conventions in 1994, 2000, 2006, and and 2008.

Did Sarah's 2-facedness (or multi-facedness) convince the AIP'ers that she was a kindred spirit, while in reality she was only a lying opportunist?

Either way, Palin's a pathological liar, with much deeper aims than have been made public.

Either way, her being a heartbeat away from the Presidency is an unacceptable risk.


The AIP is clearly a secessionist movement. It had delegates both at the First North American Secession Convention in 2006, but also at the Second North American Secession Convention in 2007 alongside fellow members the League of the South (the most prominent neo-Confederate organization and an SPLC-designated hate group); the Republic of Texas (a militia/Patriot group whose members at one time engaged in an armed standoff with Texas law enforcement); and Christian Exodus (which advocates creating an all-white homeland, either in South Carolina or in Idaho, depending on whos in charge). You can also find links to these groups at AIPs links page.

In other words, this is a group that works alongside acknowledged racists and far-right radicals in pursuit of an agenda that is by definition extremist that is, secession.





Chryson and his allies have demonstrated just as much interest in grooming major party candidates as they have in putting forward their own people. At a national convention of secessionist groups in 2007, AIP vice chairman Dexter Carter announced that his party would seek to "infiltrate" the Democratic and Republican parties with candidates sympathetic to its hard-right, secessionist agenda. "You should use that tactic. You should infiltrate" ... "Whichever party you think in that area you can get something done, get into that party."



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