COVID-19 Debate: Should Schools Be Closed? Students, Quarantine & Coronavirus



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Published on Mar 17, 2020

Many schools around the world have already closed because of COVID-19. So you might be wondering, why are they still open in Australia? It's definitely up for debate. Should schools in Australia stay open during this COVID-19 outbreak? Some say schools should stay open so parents don't have to leave work to look after them because keeping people at work is good for the Australian economy. There's also worries that if kids are not in school they’ll spend time in public spaces, like shopping centres, or cinemas, where it's easier to spread germs. It's also argued that while there are lots of kids they're not in big groups, they're in classrooms. Some schools are already taking precautions with staggered lunch breaks, no school assemblies and sick kids are being told to stay home.

Those against, say schools should close because it's the best way to stop COVID-19 spreading. Kids can stay at home where they're not surrounded by hundreds of other, potentially sick kids. People also want schools closed because study doesn't have to stop, students can still learn online. And finally, it's probably going to happen eventually. Why wait? Some people are already suggesting schools extend the next term break. So what will happen? We'll just have to wait and see what the authorities do.

Anzac Day services are going to look a lot different this year. All the states have cancelled public commemorations to help stop the spread of COVID-19. That means no marches or parades. There will be some dawn services held but members of the public like friends and family of veterans have been asked not to come.

Famous actor, bodybuilder, and terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a very serious message for older people about staying safe from the coronavirus. And somehow, his miniature horse Whiskey and pet donkey Lulu were involved.

Today is the day where millions of people all over the world put on their favourite green outfit, march in parades and celebrate all things, Irish. It's St Patrick's Day! People have been celebrating St Pat's Day for hundreds of years, but where did it all begin? Well, it all started with St. Patrick except that wasn't his name. It was actually Maewyn Succat. When he was 16 Maewyn was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave but later escaped back to Britain. Here he converted to Christianity and studied to become a priest where he picked up a handy new name Patricius (or Patrick).

With a new religion and a nifty name, Patrick returned to Ireland as a missionary and stayed right until he died on March 17th AD 461. After he died, he was made a saint. A lot of people reckon St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland but it turns out there were no snakes in the first place. Pretty easy job. These days St Patrick's day is celebrated all over the world as Irish people have emigrated, well, all over the world. In the USA they have big parades, rivers run green and people celebrate Irish culture. Here in Australia they also have parades. This year the celebrations are a bit more lonely because of COVID-19.

Now, normally it's the penguins living at an aquarium not visiting it! But two lucky little tourists got to go on a field trip to look at other animals at this aquarium in the US, which has been temporarily closed because of COVID-19. Annie and Edward seemed quite intrigued but maybe they were just thinking "Is that what I look like?"

Quarantining rules in Lebanon meant no birthday party for 25-year-old Jess. But luckily her neighbours celebrated the occasion from window to window!

Forget Formula One, there's one competition COVID 19 can't touch, The British Banger Race. It's when UK racing fans bring out their dingiest, dirtiest, rundown vehicles and hit the tracks to kick off the start of the much fancier car racing season! And, surrounded by dodgy cars and dirt, no-one's particularly worried about the coronavirus. From the outside looking in, anyway.


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