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Published on May 13, 2010

"PAS 150 Providing Rehabilitation Services. Code of Practice" PAS 150 (Publicly Available Specification) is a code of practice for the delivery of rehabilitation services for all disabilities and health conditions, with both short- and long-term needs. It covers providers in health, social care and employment and focuses on the interdependence between work, health and wellbeing.

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IV Interviewer
GK Gail Kovacs

IV So Gail, what's your involvement with this document?

GK I was actually the technical author for the document. So, from beginning to end, I was the one who put the publication together, did the draft, put all the material in, put my expertise as a professional into it, and helped with the process in terms of the workshop, the steering group and the final production.

IV Thank you, Gail. So, tell us a little bit about, if you wouldn't mind, about working with the steering group. How was the steering group put together?

GK We tried to make sure it was representative of various sectors, representing health, occupational health, vocational rehab and social care, so that the client's journey from beginning to end, someone with disability and disadvantage, would be well represented on the steering group.

IV And what was available previously before this document to help people going through rehabilitation?

GK There were a lot of professional, regulated health professional, standards of practice. There were code of ethics, were was a vocational rehabilitation association standard of practice, case management standard of practice, but so it was all professional level, there wasn't anything specifically advising people on what to do, as opposed to how to do it.

IV So, do you see this document as fitting with those - it's not replacing what's gone before, presumably - so this maybe fits with what's already out in the area?

GK This actually builds on that. As the technical author, I made sure that I referenced all of those documents, I referenced all the legislation, I referenced frameworks, codes of practice, internationally, nationally, and put it all together to try and come up with the best practice possible.

IV So, would the PAS be a stand alone then, so people could use just this and they wouldn't have to then refer to all these other, very complicated, bits of documentation, by the sound of it?

GK As a provider of vocational, sorry, of rehabilitation, because it's all rehabilitation, it is a stand alone document. It's actually building on the professionals, so if you're a professional working in the field, you still need to refer to your professional standards in order to stay current and practicing ethically, but this document will help you provide the actual service. It is unique, in that it's the first document I've ever seen, and I am an international worker, that pulls together health and employment and social care, all in one document.

IV So, it really goes through the whole process, from beginning to end, by the sounds of things?

GK It does, and it ties in all the consistencies that all those various sectors have, in terms of the practice. I really did enjoy working the product, because for me it was a combination of everything I've been doing for the last 36 years in the field, you can cut that out! And in various countries, because I've worked in Canada and parts of Europe and America and now, the UK, and so it really allowed me to pull everything together into one document, and now the intent is to take it back to some other countries as well.

IV So, it does actually have more of an international scope then, possibly?

GK It does, absolutely. It's... not much would have to be changed to make it an international standard.

IV Thank you very much, Gail.

GK You're welcome.


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