Most Powerful Way to Awaken Kundalini Thru Anus Work, Chicago Illinois





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Published on Jan 8, 2015

Most Powerful Way to Awaken Kundalini Thru Anus Work, Chicago Illinois
Portrayed as a pale yellow circle, in which the bright yellow radiating light square, squared is radiating light fire red triangle. In the triangle is a cylindrical body of Celadon, one edge which rounded off. On the cylinder in 3.5 turnover then wound the white thread-spiral. It symbolizes the hidden energy of Kundalini. On a circle are 4 dark red petals.

Localization on the physical plane: the end of the spine, between the anus and the sexual organs.

1. Anatomical correlate: sacrum pleksus crotch, between the anus and the vagina (in women), the penis (for men).

2. controlled body senses: sense of smell.

3. controlled scope and functions: processes of reproduction, the colon, the blood supply, the potential energy.

4. characteristics of the psycho-physiological terms: anger, greed, delusion, prudence, sensuality, desire for witted child who grew up

5. desire and obstacles: security.

6. feeling: patience.

7. the number of petals: 4.

8. the symbol (a mental form): the square is the energy of the Earth, containing the inverted triangle.

9. energy: Red Color.

10. Mantra: Lam.

11. Sound of the octave: up to.

12. Body senses: smell, nose.

13. Taste sensation: sweet.

14. element: Earth.

15. scent: rose.

16. paranormal abilities: ability to leave the physical body; vnetelesnoe vision and hearing; vnetelesnoe journey on one of the levels of the Astral plane, responsible for our "everyday reality". The vision at a distance.

17. features: this chakra connects physical etheric body. In addition, Chakra represents and physical matter, as the Ethereal substance is also considered physical matter.

18. physical sensations: a feeling of warmth to the coccyx, as if something is moving up the spine. It is the energy of the initiating process of Kundalini Shakti.

19. the influence of Kundalini: being at the base of the spine, communicating through it, is opposed to the Center. This area, where the process of Kundalini is dormant. The process is in motion the creative energies of Shakti to spiritual genius. When she chirps Shakti energy up the spine through Nadis or Sušumnu. The other two, called Ida Nadi (Moonlight energy/female) and Pingala (solar energy/male) run parallel to sušumne. IDA is left, and the Pingala right from the spine, connecting with sušumnoj in the spiritual articulation, trojničnom site, at the level of the fifth Energy Center. These two NADIS are the second bladder Meridian lines.

20. Another effect of the Kundalini: Kundalini when the process is completed, the individual is capable of handling this energy, that is, the individual is in a State of "Self", out of emotions and feelings, the ability to levitate, managed this chakra.

21. Is: harmony, unity in the struggle of opposites.

22. Expresses: passion.

23. physical expression: a system of allocations.

24. the link with muladhare-Plexus chakra is accompanied by coccygeal plexus.

25. relationship with disorders: adrenal gland, which secretes epinephrine (as a reaction to the fight or fall) in life-threatening situations.

26. aspect: Chakra controls the will to life.

27. Affectivity: expressed in life-threatening situations, is fighting, self-defense, survival, fall, fear of physical or psychic wound. Someone who does not use the energy of mooladhara chakra-accordingly, tend to hurt, injure, harass others, because he is afraid to get hurt.

28. the functional expression: love of life through the fortified body; knowledge of how to use the power, use white magic (love, faith, healing).

29. Dysfunctional expression: some of this chakra is forced to take an interest in the self in the form of selfishness, black magic is State of spiritual degradation. While in this State, individual or group try to compensate for the lack of spiritual desire (desire is not the finding of) strength, using the technique of manipulation to influence others against their will. Chakra excites the fear of earthly energy strikes the will to live. Blocks are able to close the flow of natural energy in the legs. People from dysfunction of chakra usually live in dreamland. Energy shock: this area represents the problems associated with the life and the Earth.

31. Lunar Breath, that is through the left nostril.

32. the sensation on the Palms: the hot tingling.

33. the management planet: Mars (Saturn, according to other sources).

34. the effect of the chakra: focus on the chakra increases vital energy, increase resistance to disease, gives courage and endurance, determination in worldly matters.


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