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Published on Jul 10, 2012

Sadhguru discusses the recently discovered Higgs Boson or "God-particle". He states that people's idea of science is limited to the latest gadgets available in the market. This discovery has at least popularized physics as a quest for knowledge. He talks about four specific dimensions of life as depicted in the yogic lore and where this discovery fits into this spectrum. Telling us about the limitations of using intellect as a tool for exploration, Sadhguru urges one to look within for the source of creation.

Sadhguru points out that science has become all about using life around us to our benefit. This kind of exploitative science should be restricted.

"You can only make a living from what you get; you make a life from what you give."

Sadhguru explains that fundamental science was very advanced in ancient India but people never converted it into technology that would exploit nature. In the yogic culture, nature was always seen as 'mother nature'. He concludes that this attitude of exploiting everything for our benefit must be checked or it can become our nemesis.

Talk@ Darshan, Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore


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Sadhguru: It's a very good thing that they called it ‘The God particle.’ It seems somebody wanted to call it the goddamn particle (Laughter) so they just put God particle and that’s a very clever ploy… marketing ploy. You must be glad that scientists are becoming market savvy. They have always been in a subtle way, now they are getting little overt.

So, you know for most people their idea of science is just the new telephone model that’s coming up, the next model of I-phone is their idea of science. All these people who never, ever were interested in any kind of physics, now talking about particle physics, world over, everybody is talking about particle physics, that’s an achievement. Breaking a proton and coming up with the boson is that an achievement that needs to be seen? But it's definitely an achievement that suddenly the whole world, at least the educated part of the world is thinking particle physics that’s an achievement. That’s a good achievement, at least people are thinking of science as not a way of milking the existence, not entirely, at least a little bit. They’re willing to spend ten billion dollars just to know something; I like that. There is right now no technological use but they’re willing to spend ten billion dollars and thirty years just to know something. That sounds very spiritual to me. usually doesn’t cost that much but… (Few laugh) So having achieved one thing, having made a social goal, scientifically what does it mean?

In yoga we see it this way; there is…existence is like this, there is something called as ‘sthoola’, ‘sookshma’, ‘shoonya’, ‘Shiva’. ‘Sthoola’ means the gross existence, physicality is sthoola. Everything that you can see, everything that you can sense through five sense organs, everything that you can see, smell, taste, hear and touch is considered sthoola. This can be analyzed with your intellect and understood and grasped. And this is always made of, as we know today of ‘anu’ or ‘atoms’ because it's physical in nature. It's a complete block of… building block of existence is an atom and if it's made of an atom, once enough number of atoms are there we can touch it, we can smell it, we can taste it, we can see it if it becomes big enough, initially in a microscope, after that with our bare eyes we could see it but if it goes beyond the perception of the five senses but still it is physical in nature, we call it ‘Sookshma’.

So when you enter into sookshma, it is still physical but you are not able to grasp it; do what you want you cannot grasp it through five senses nor can you analyze it through your intellect, that dimension if we approach it, we call it ‘Vishesha gnan’ or ‘Vishesha gnana,’ that means an extra-ordinary knowledge. Gyan or gnana means...

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