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Published on May 10, 2010

put a dead cat on the railraod tracks
when the wolf bains blooming by the tressel
and get the eyeball of a rooster
and the stones from a ditch
and wash em down with bilge water
and say you'll never snitch
take the buttons from a yellow jacket
the feather from a buzzard
and the blood from the bounty hunters cold black heart
catch the tears of a window
in a thimble made ofglass
tell your mamaand your papa
theycan kiss your ass
poison all the water in the wishin' well
and hang all them scarecrows from a sycamore tree
burn down all those honeymoons
put em in a pillow case
and wait next to the switch blades at the amusements park for me
strangle all the cristmas carols
scratch out all you prayers
tie em up with barbed wire
and push them down the stairs
and i'll whittle you a pistol
for reepin' nightmares off the blinds
those sunsabitches always seem to sneak up from behind
syphom all the gas from your daddys pickup truck
fill up jonnys t bird
i got a couple bucks
put on little perfume and ribbon in your hair
careful that you don't wake up the hounds
tear a bolt of lightning
off the side of the sky
and throw in the cedar chest
if you want me to tell you why
bring the gear shift knob from a 49 mere
and lay down here beside me
let me hold you in the dirt
and you'll tremble as the flames
tear the throat out of the night
sink your teeth into my shoulder
dig your nails into my back
tell that lettle girl to let go of my sleeve
you'll be awoman when i catch you
as you faqll in love with me

then with my double barrel shotgun
and a whole box of shells
we'll celebrate the 4 of july
we'll do 100 mph
spendin' someone elses dough
and we'll drive all the way to reno
on the wrong side of the road

Comments • 405

Umut M.
i love driving the wrong side of the road when i listen to this song...
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Yiğit Uyumaz
u ded
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Ana Carolina Costa
Music to have sex. And drink wine. Repeat forever. ..
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charles davis
Ana Costa, you are beautiful in everyway
nomas mitos
Ana Carolina Costa lo lograste!! todos te nombran..
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Tommy C
I tried to change my name to "Tom Waits" and was told "get in the queue".
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Tommy C
Annie H high praise indeed.
Annie Hardy
Tommy C you're fucking awesome my man
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Batıkan Güneş YILDIRIM
Türkler buradasınız biliyorum toplaşın hele
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güllerin içinden
bu adam bir harika dostum başka nerede olacaktık
Raman AREN
her biji türkler.
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Phil H
Seriously, YouTube?  An ad on a Tom Waits video?  That's just blasphemous.
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Jay Clouston
Nota Realname
Adblock, m9.
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I think I just found another favorite musician to add to my list.
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Diane Sayers
That is my opinion, for an exceptionally great female voice. Just listen to a bit more of her music and you will hear how versatile, effortless, and powerful, yet soft and sweet, and even fun that voice is. She even has that cute squeak similar to Freddies ( Fallin, Stupid Cupid). She also sings in many languages and different genres of music. I give her the greatest of compliments. To name a few of her songs I like are Robot man, Come on Jerry, Moon river, My heart has a mind of its own. Maybe I should've said "of all the female singers I've heard I like her voice the best" I mean of course she is not Freddie, apples oranges.
Connie Francis is the female Freddie Mercury? that's a very bold statement. can you point out a song that's a good place to start? i like several bands you mentioned, and have even heard a song or two by her including who's sorry now, and i have to say that she is good, but not comparable.
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robert owen
I heard him in NYC in 1969, by accident. I went to see Tim Hardin and got there early.
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MPorto true enough he is, I believe he was talking about Tim though
Tom Waits is still alive!
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André Rodrigues
This is music. This...is...music!!
Sexy Sexual Sex
To the right road: When the people living in the dog eat dog animal world, playing the power game, the get rich and famous game, see the truth of life, they will realize that they are their own worst enemy. They will change, because it is in their best interest to change. They will change for selfish reasons, which is fine as long as they see the truth of life and get on the path to a paradise on earth. Google truthcontest. Seriously good stuff.
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Mustafa Akyüz
sexy sexual sex has a point
elia .07
+jaycrall69 Well surely then there are things that aren't acceptable, and this can go in ways to form a certain truth. Not everything is relative, no matter how much our limited perspective can twist it, there is still such a thing as the truth. It would be crappy to thing there isn't, just because we cannot comprehense it at times. But we are the ones still able to comprehense it, and in this way we are significant in a way. Wouldn't you agree?
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Alexx Arson
Tom Waits is Punk Rock.
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Daniel Dreisbach
Tom Waits is his own category.
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