BOYBANDemia -- CPR - Serving 30:2 LIFE (An Educational Parody Teaching BLS/ACLS)





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Published on Apr 1, 2013

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It is estimated that nearly 200,000 people die each year simply because CPR is not initiated early enough. Is it because people arrive at the scene too late, or could it be that not enough people are trained and comfortable with Basic Life Support? We tend to believe it is a lack of training. It is for this reason BOYBANDemia decided to make an educational parody teaching Basic Life Support to the general population, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support to the medical population. The idea is, "If You Can Learn a Song, You Can Save a Life". Share this video, it could save your life one day.

Shorty call the paramedic team
(And) grab the AED,
The AHA has certified me,
I'll check the heart,
Start CPR,
Time's runnin' low low low low low low low low,
Paramedics on the way,
AED is at your side,
You stick 'em then you press the analyze,
Everyone back (everybody back)
I'ma send a zap
Time's runnin' low low low low low low low low.
You never see it coming when they hit the flo',
No breaths, no pulse, so you gotta know,
What to do, when it's you, and you're all alone,
Grim reapers knockin' at yo' do',
Ain't terrified, got certified,
Think back, BLS, now you ready to ride,
So bring it on ventricular-tach, you've been denied
(Ain't) certified then it's time you know,
Drop on the flo' check the breaths and pulse,
Dial the medics up on the phone,
AED, gonna need fo sho,
30 compressions go two inches down,
couple o' breaths we ain't playin' around,
Stick the pads and then press analyze,
Then do it again until medic arrives.

Monday mornin' crack'a dawn ya we doin' our rounds
Checkin' hearts, doin charts when I heard the sound
V-fib or V-tach no pulse was found,
Hit the code, CPR, yo it's time to get down.

One shock, IV
Two shocks, EPI
Three Shocks, AMI-Oderone hold on,
Ya we got a rhythm showin',
Gotta pull some labs, keep saline flowin'
When all of a sudden, his pulse dropped to nuthin',
He's in PEA and his vitals are dumpin',
I'm checkin' my H's,
I'm crossin' my T's, I'm pushin' some Epi,
And got EKG's, but that's when I noticed,
his ABG showed acidosis,
Then I pushed bicarbonate bolus,
So just when you think that it's hopeless,
Stay focused.


Ya shawty,
The course was worth the money,
Ever since I took that class,
know how to save you're (SHHH)
If Brady's on your screen,
Just shoot some atropine,
Point five, no more than three,
Then pacing's guaranteed
Tachy's risin', patients divin',
slap some pads on, analyzin',
energizin', synchronizin',
then hold shock til' they revivin'.
V-fib, v-tach, we got your back,
Pea, or brady/tach,
Get certified and start today,
So when they drop you'll know to say...


Lyrics by Sean C. Russell aka SRizzle
Audio Produced by Sean C. Russell aka S-Rizzle
Video Produced by Sean C. Russell aka S-Rizzle
Vocals by Sean C. Russell aka S-Rizzle, Joe Bartholomew, Adam Rhodes, Mary Holman, and Michelle Messer
It is important to remember that medicine is a rapidly evolving profession with guidelines changing all the time. The purpose of this video is to provide general guidance through a catchy tune making it easier to remember. Different BLS/ACLS certifying organizations have different algorithms they teach by, and BOYBANDemia shows no bias toward any of them (though they reference the American Heart Association in the song). Bottom line is, JUST GET CERTIFIED!

BOYBANDemia is not affiliated or a representative of any other organization, association, institution or business. We are simply 3 Physician Assistant Students promoting healthy lifestyles by way of non-profit educational music video parodies.

A special thanks to Flo Rida, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, and Atlantic Records for the use of their instrumentals for our non-profit educational parodies.


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