Future Love: A Varsity Fanclub Tale [Chapter 6]





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Uploaded on Sep 18, 2009

I nodded. "Okay, bestie. Just for you."

"Thank you," he said, putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me to him for a one-armed hug. He moved to the end of the couch and took me with him, sitting back enough so that my head was just below his shoulder on his stomach. "Comfy?"

The truth was that I felt a little awkward, but there was no way I could tell him that. "Sure."

"Okay," he said softly, "Here we go." And Reggie started to play.

[Jayk's POV]
Jayk- "Walking hand in hand, Going on a second date
I can picture what you're wearing
A kiss I can almost taste.

Thought of all the ways we'll meet for the very first time
I can see the place feel the love at first sight

Baby if they ask me, I would say, I don't even know your name
And if they ask me, Does it change?
No, it don't change a thing
Cuz there's something about they way you'll love me
Something about the way you'll know me
That I can't explain it enough,
There's just something bout a future love, future love, future love
There's just something bout a future love........."

I would close my eyes every so often, trying to enhance the mood. But everytime I opened them and looked down at her, she sat there in the same position, stunned. She made me nervous, just sitting there with that look on her face. I hope she'll love it when I finish and that she'll know the truth.

[Drew's POV]
"Why don't you just go back and apologize and then you two can be all lovey-dovey again instead of you sitting there like a nub watching me eat." Sean swiped another French fry in ketchup before eating it.

Drew just continue to swirl his spoon his coffee.

"Dude," Sean said, his mouth full of fry, "I think the sugar and milk has been mixed enough! Unless you are trying to make the coffee disappear, in which case you are doing it the wrong way."

Drew said nothing and continued to stir.

"Look! She's at the door!" Sean yelled, pointing to the doorway.

"WHERE?!" Drew asked, dropping his spoon and jumping out of the booth. He was looking around quickly.

Sean started to laugh before Drew glared at him, abruptly ending his mirth. "What was I thinking? Maggie would never come here."

"Yeah, because she knows this isn't where we ALWAYS go to eat, and you always eat when you're upset or you treat who's ever with you to your food while you wallow in your coffee."

"Sean, how many times have you ever seen me truly upset?"

"Counting today? Two," Sean said, dipping another fry. "Once when you were stuck on a song, and another when you realized Jayk was hiding something from you."

"Yeah, I really wish I knew what it was, and I really hope it has nothing to do with Maggie. I mean, I know they're best friends and I accept that. I'd have to or she never would've considered going out with me in the first place, but I can't help feeling that something is going on between them...... something they are not telling me....."

"What's poppin, fellas?" Bobby asked, walking up to their booth and sliding in next to Sean.

"Hey Bob," Sean said, slapping Bobby's hand as he reached for a fry off of Sean's plate.

"What are YOU doing here?!" Drew said.

Bobby rolled his eyes. "Dude, it was five years ago. And I brought you guys closer together by doing that. You should be thanking me."

Drew looked even angrier. "You almost KILLED her and any chance that we had together."

"Speaking of killing....." Bobby said, trailing off. "Have you been to your girlfriend's house lately?"

"We actually just came from there," Sean told him, and Drew gave him an ugly look. "What?"

"Nothing. What's your point Bobby?" Drew said.

"Well you know Reggie, right? Jayk's other bff?"

"Yeah....." Drew said, becoming impatient.

"What would HIS car be doing at YOUR girlfriend's house?" Bobby sneered and snagged another fry.

Drew and Sean looked at each other. "Let's go," Drew said, getting up and putting some money on the table.

"Awww, man, come on," Sean said, grabbing his burger out of Bobby's hands. "It's probably nothing, and you said yourself, you can't always trust everything Bobby says."

"Oh yeah? Trust this," Bobby said, holding up his phone.

[Maggie's POV]
"So?" Jayk said, panting and standing up and facing me. "What did you think?"


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