Al Gore's Fascist Liberal Global Warming Corrupt Data





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Uploaded on Mar 5, 2008

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Self appointed expert "climatologist" Fascist Lord Al Gore says "THE DEBATE IS OVER". That doesn't show much respect for free speech, does it? That's not scientifically objective, is it?

Do you really think the "debate on global warming is over"? Don't you think that it was quite fascist and unscientific for Al Gore to say that? That kind of attitude hardly supports good science, nor does it support the facts. Sure in some respects there may be global warming, however if you are a real scientist you should know that over all the earth is also cooling at the same time.

Do you really think Al Gore is an expert on climatology? Don't you think it's unfairly political and unscientific for him to say the debate is over? I think he is a fraud and a shill that is using climatology as a means for his political and financial gain. I don't trust self-proclaimed experts, especially when they don't make sense or have any experience in the field let alone educational expertise in that field. Al Gore is a rich snobbish elitist politician, journalist and lawyer not a climatologist.

Don't you think it's quite fascist for a politician with no significant scientific expertise or experience to tell legitimate experienced well educated scientists and the general public that "the debate is over"? Despite the fact that many real scientists disagree with Al Gore and that many facts disprove many of Al Gores global warming claims.

The so-called "global warming" hysteria is just a stereotype and only considers the surface temperatures. The earth on the whole is cooling. It is just a question of time before it is a cold planet without an atmosphere. The hysteria is that we must jump to conclusions and take extreme actions now. However I think we should study climatology more, because the science is just in its infancy. The rash decision to take action now could be counterproductive, contrary to common belief.

The Liberal global warming Fascist make a big deal that public opinion seems to be in their favor. However since they are often funded by the likes of George Soros that has a history of insider trading and experience working with Nazis, it should raise an eyebrow.

So were no longer using logic, experiments to test and challenge scientific theory. So we no longer allow debate? So much for the rumors of liberals being for free speech.

Perhaps the reason that so much opinion agrees with the global warming scam. It is because of their lies.

Many of the fascist liberals claim that right now is the fastest that global warming has ever happened in history. Yet some scientists claim the surface temperatures are actually dropping. If you look at the facts, there have been periods of global warming that has been faster in the past, such as after an impact event. There is a sudden and sharp rise in global warming temperature and emissions of greenhouse gases, which is followed by severe oscillations.

Another problem with the global warming hysteria and Al Gore's junk science. It is that they cherry pick their information, which is unscientific. They often use "sampling", which is very unscientific. They use a scale of decades long which is "sampling" (not scientifically objective)

Another example is liberal global warming fascists claim that right now we are releasing more greenhouse gases then ever in history. However if you look at the real facts the Chicxulub impact event is estimated to have suddenly released over a hundred years of greenhouse gases at the rate we are currently emitting greenhouse gases.

The reason there isn't much dissenting views on global warming is scientists and advocates are intimidated by the fascist global warming liberals.

Global-warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence.



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