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Published on Jan 1, 2017


I’m about as surprised as you are. I mean, this tape may only be a compilation of all the group’s previously-released material (excluding the “Live At Woodmar Deli” cassette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbjbk...), but the sheer fact that I even have this in my possession is enough for me to question if the whole thing was actually just some bizarre fever dream. It wasn’t, the copies of The Coneheads’ “Colekted Mix” and Liquids’ “Live At Mat’s House” cassette sitting on my shelf suggests otherwise. Well, if there’s one thing I learned by yesterday’s turn of the year, it’s that Mark Winter wasn’t kidding when he wrote that Records Inc. is the “slowest mail order in the U.S”.

For the uninitiated, Mark Winter – a music guy up in NWI – runs a small mail-order distro/label at his (ex)place in Indiana, interchangeably referenced as “Records Incorporated” and “Cristi Califoni”; to be honest, I haven’t quite figured out the difference between the two, so we’ll just stick with “Records Inc.” for now. It operates as any other DIY mail order business would – you ask for things and send in cash via snail mail – though I’ll refrain from detailing the specifics of the operations for reasons I’ll touch on later. Anyways, I’ve known about that distro for a while, but never was entirely sure if it was, y’know, an actual THING. As with everything Mark does, Records Inc. is relatively unsourced on the internet, save for a few phone numbers and an address that’s periodically sprinkled amidst his expansive discography. So should I want to actually buy something from Mark’s distro, I had two options: One, call one of those numbers and hope for the best, or two, just send in some money to that address and pray. Seeing that phone calls give me terrible anxiety, I opted for the latter and sent cash and a letter to “Cristi Califoni”, with a decorated envelope (http://i.imgur.com/T24pcEt.jpg) – but this happened way the fuck back in June. I totally forgot about the thing within a month’s time, and seeing that I was about to go six months without a peep from anyone, I just assumed that the letter was a total dud and the money either wound up inside a mailman’s pocket or Mark’s piggybank. Comparatively, that was kinda wishful thinking.

I got alerted of a package waiting for pick up yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t really expecting anything from anyone anytime soon, so I had no clue as to what was waiting for me. Chances are that it was just some tape I asked for weeks ago, one that I wouldn’t even recognize until I actually opened the package – that wasn’t necessary with this particular package. All I had to do was take a look at the return address: Indiana. My suspicions were only affirmed once I flipped the envelope over and saw that the now-recycled envelope’s still had its original shipping label, which was first addressed to, yeah, Mark Winter. Hot damn diggedy, he’d damn-done it.

Inside were two tapes: the one you’re listening to now, and Liquids’ “Live At Mat’s House”, both of which were ones I specifically asked for in the letter – at least I think I did. I can barely remember what the hell I even wrote in that letter in the first place, not even whether or not I mentioned what my actual name was. For whatever reason, Mark had addressed the envelope to my REAL name as opposed to, well, “Jimmy”, so he’s definitely heard about it from somewhere. I’m guessing gossip. Regardless, it’s clear that he hasn’t forgotten about that stupid letter, since an included note made sure to clarify that he intends on writing back at a later point in time. Said note also somewhat explains why he’s been relatively quiet for these past few months, as he said that his place has been flooding and, as I’ve heard from others, his tape duplicator got destroyed in the process. So to that, I say you don’t got to worry about writing back, it’s totally fine – implying Mark even reads this, that is. Anyone got any clue how to work a fax machine? Something tells me that he uses a fax machine.

[Continued in the comments.]

Out of Control – 0:00
Notha Thang – 0:46
Alien & Warm – 1:52
Hack Hack Hack 1 – 3:19
Hack Hack Hack 2 – 4:15
Lizard Lady – 5:48
Waste ‘O’ Space – 6:38
1982 – 8:22
Big City Baby – 9:03
Violence – 9:43
What’s Best – 10:51
I Used To Be A Cheesepuff – 11:58
Nasal Load – 13:09
Psycho Killer – 13:53
Way Things Am – 15:35
Head Onna Steak – 17:37
Smiling Beat Of Life – 19:07
Machine Gun – 20:16
Pressure On The Brain – 21:25
46-25666 – 22:51
Baby’s Cryin’ – 24:27
People Punks – 25:50
Smiling Beat Of Life Prt. 1 (Live) – 27:12
Notha Thang (Live) – 28:06
Big City Baby (Live) – 29:13
Violence (Live) – 29:59
69 (Liquids) – 31:42
Dark (Liquids) – 32:28
1982 (Live) – 33:31
What’s Best (Live) – 34:07
Pressure On The Brain (Live) – 35:07
Smiling Beat Of Life Prt. 2 (Live) – 36:19
Outro – 37:53

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jvo36cj...


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