Dreams of Innocence Disney/Non/Anime RP [Open]





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Published on May 27, 2012

Hey guys hope you audition for this

Amount of characters allowed currently : up to 6

Deadline to audition: June 31st


Once upon a time the rulers of the dreams of the people of earth lived in harmony. Then Nehelenia the Queen of Nightmares was tormented by her own nightmare. A nightmare where should she not consume the dreams of innocent children her beauty would vanish. Galaxia the Queen of Dreams figure what happened and sealed her away in a bid to save the children but this left her weakened. Nehelenia was sealed away in a mirror of nightmares by Galaxia the queen of dreams. As the years gone by the seal has begun to crack and Nehelenia was set free. Determined to get her revenge on Galaxia she has made an army to rival Galaxia's army an army know as the Nightmare Riders. Galaxia and her Dreamseers are trying to fight them off but so far they have only come to a stalemate. there was a prophecy that stated two children one born under a lunar eclipse one born under the solar eclipse would be the ones to bring the stalemate to the end. Which side while you stand for?

Info for your characters:

Powers: ((you are allowed up to three powers don't want anyone over powered and what not))


Name: Galaxia Sol
Age: appears to be in her early 20's thousands of years old in reality
Gender: Female
Side: DreamSeer's
Personality: kind and generous motherly in a sense
Backstory: Galaxia was born around the time the first man began to dream from then on she sworn to have her scared duty to protect those dreams.
Powers: control of light, sound, Telekinesis

Name: Nehelenia ArianRhod
Age: appears to be in her 30's thousands of years
Gender: Female
Side: Nightmare Riders
Personality: Dark rather twisted but at one time was lover of the arts and striven to make her country beautiful
Backstory: rather similar to Galaxia's but she has a duty to destroy nightmares however that duty has been screwed with and now she seeks to rule over man with them
Powers: powers over darkness, emotions, and has pyrokinesis

Taken Characters:

Stocking [DisneyWinxHeart]


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